Tips for Holiday Road Trips, Pets Included

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Finally this year, many of us will once again experience the joy of spending the holidays with  families and friends. All your bags are packed. You’re ready to go. Many of us will be hitting the road in our cars. While road trips can be fun and full of adventure, you don’t want to channel your inner eight-year-old self constantly asking, “Are we there yet?” Below are three tips to help make your upcoming road trip more fun and enjoyable.

Pet Priority

If you’re traveling with a pet, the car ride can be prolonged if your pet is an unhappy passenger, causing you to stop more times than usual. It is important for pets to be secured in a pet carrier, like the popular and highly recommended SHERPA Bag®, while in the car. Before your trip, leave the carrier out with your pet’s favorite toy or treat inside. Encourage your pet to go in and out of it so they feel more comfortable. This will help relieve the anxiety your pet will have when you travel and hopefully get you to your destination quicker!

Listen Up

Reading is not only fun and educational, but it is an activity that helps pass time quickly! Obviously, you can’t read while driving, and if you’re a passenger reading might make you carsick, but you can download an audiobook to listen to for your trip! Need a suggestion? Check out my recently launched audiobook, It’s In the Bag: How to Turn Passion Into a Business.   The book, which is part memoir and part business book, is for any aspiring entrepreneur or pet lover! It tells the story of how I started with an idea and turned it into a multi-million-dollar business. The idea for the SHERPA Bag® came to me on a road trip and so can yours!

Hourly Interviews

Take the time to learn more about the people you care about, including those you are traveling with. Each hour of your trip, choose one person to be the focus of that hour and ask them questions about themselves. Start with the people in the car, but if you’re riding solo or the time exceeds the number of people in the car, call a friend or family member (handsfree, of course if you are driving.) If you’re not a natural born journalist and need help with questions, here are 40 questions that will be sure to prompt a good conversation!

Between the happy pet, inspirational audiobook, and personal car interviews, your road trip is sure to be a success. You might even welcome the car ride home, which could be spent thinking about a business venture!


  • Gayle Martz

    Gayle Martz is a former airline hostess, fashion photographer, and handbag designer. Her unique vision for pet travel led her to create the SHERPA Bag, the first officially approved soft-sided pet carrier. She revolutionized pet travel by successfully, persuading airlines to allow dogs and cats in the passenger cabin. Gayle was the founder and CEO/President of the Sherpa Pet Trading Company from 1989 to 2016. From 2000 to 2005, she was president/CEO of Crouch & Fitzgerald. She is currently president of GMInc. (

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