Time to Heal: Healing Summit In Germany

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There is so much noise in our world. There is tech overload.  There is social media mania.  It feels as if there is never enough time to finish our “to do list”, accomplish personal projects, and feel satisfied at the end of the day. If you are like me, sometimes you almost feel breathless. What is going on?

It is indeed the times we live in, but maybe there is something else. Maybe we are losing our ability to savor moments, find joy and live a life that is geared toward honoring our wellbeing, physical, emotional and mental health.

I am happy to tell you about an international conference that addresses these issues, and helps attendees to further their personal journey. With world class speakers and interactive workshops, this conference provides opportunities for mind expansion, learning, sharing and networking.

This conference is known as the HEALING SUMMIT, produced and founded by Healing Hotels of the World . I will be hosting this Summit and doing some live on stage interviewing and I invite you to come.  Held March 5 and 6 in Berlin, Germany, the conference takes place at the beautiful Hotel de Rome.

Time to Heal: Healing Summit In Germany
Our speakers include: Dr. Ken Redcross, founder of Redcross Concierge, a personalized medical practice dedicated to enhancing the patient-doctor bond. Founded on the knowledge that healing and emotions are closely interconnected, Dr. Redcross is reinforcing empathy in his interaction with patients.  Dr. Redcross is frequently seen on  “The Doctors,” The Insider” and E! Entertainment Television, and authors articles for various publications including Everyday Health.

Also appearing at the Summit is Stacy Fisher-Rosenthal, President of Fisher Travel Enterprises, an elite travel and lifestyle brand, with tremendous interaction and customer service provided to each client. Stacy is an expert in the field of specialized travel and has a personal interest in individual transformation and growth.

Hemant Kanoria is another featured speaker at the HEALING SUMMIT. Mr. Kanoria is Chairman and Managing Director of SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd., India’s leading public financial institution with an asset base of approximately 5.5 billion dollars. Hemant’s contribution towards inclusive infrastructure development in India has made it possible for millions of rural people to gain access to e-commerce and e-learning, opening up revenue opportunities for thousands of village-level entrepreneurs.

And those are just a few of the truly accomplished experts in healing modalities, science, business, media, hospitality and travel who participate in or attend the HEALING SUMMIT.
Definitely worth the trip.

To find out more information, please go to www.healingsummit.org


  • Five-time Billboard Award-winning media personality Valerie Smaldone is a theatre, food, lifestyle and entertainment enthusiast. She is a celebrity interviewer, accomplished voice-over artist and actress. Recent appearances on episodic tv include Law and Order, Criminal Intent, The Other Two (on HBO Max), Tommy, Manifest and Blue Bloods. She is an audiobook narrator and producer. A live event emcee, moderator, and "Voice of God" at events and award ceremonies, Valerie has joined The Story Plant Entertainment Company and is currently working on a film and Broadway play. Visit her website at www.valeriesmaldone.com

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