Three Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Three Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Fall may have snuck up on us, but it’s officially here.  And with it comes a bevy of social activities – family gatherings, school events, open houses, and the holidays aren’t too far away.  So once you’ve got your calendar arranged, the question is: what are you going to wear?  Yes, you can always depend upon those things that you grab year after year – that chunky grey sweater for the pumpkin patch, your go-to black wool coat for chilly evenings and that sparkly top to wear to your friend’s annual party.  But how about NOT wearing the same things you wear every year? This season, take advantage of a busy social schedule to try something new and get out of your style comfort zone.

I know – getting out of your comfort zone can be scary, but I’m not asking you to do a complete 180-degree shift on your style.  You can break out of your comfort zone, but in not-too-uncomfortable way.  The secret?  Don’t change everything at once – focus on one aspect to update your look.


Three Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It may sound simple, but a change in color can give you a whole new perspective.  Shifting from dark neutrals into lighter and brighter shades may not only flatter your skin tone, but also brighten up your day.  The best way to do this (without feeling like a fish out of water) is to stick with a style and shape that you’re familiar with, but in a brand new hue.  So if a black fitted dress is your cocktail party go-to, update it to a big punch of color.  If you love a cozy oatmeal sweater for fall weekends, try one with a hit of mustard.  And if your go-to blazers are entrenched in navy and grey territory, why not break out the fuchsia?


Three Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort ZoneThe alternate to trying a new color is shifting to a new shape or style, but in a color that you’re used to.  One of my clients always wears a cocktail dress to her friend’s birthday party.  But this year, we’re breaking from her norm, and planning a festive pants outfit – but in black, a shade that she’s very at-home with.  She’ll be wearing a black sequined top (she loves sequins), tuxedo-style pants and heels – and I can almost guarantee that she’ll get admiring glances when she walks in the door.

How else can you try a new shape or style?  Embrace current fashion trends, but in shades that you know and love.  So if you’ve been eyeing a statement sleeve top as something playful for this season, try it in your already favorite blush pink rather than a shade of blue that you’ve never worn before.  Or if a fit and flare lace dress is on your style wish list, pick one in your everyday-neutral navy instead of an out-of-your-comfort-zone red.


Three Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort ZoneIf you’re ready to break out of your comfort zone, but still want to be as comfortable as always, just change one thing in your go-to outfit.  If you traditionally wear a blazer and jeans to family dinner, this year make the blazer a velvet one.  At the monthly girls’ night out, swap your solid sweater for a silky top.  If you’re in a neutral flats rut, try an embellished and detailed pair.  Essentially, the idea is to go for something new and different with just one part of your look, and keep everything else familiar.

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