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Would you love to be creating different results in certain areas of your life?

The results you experience in your life are always a reflection of your internal state of being. In other words, your circumstances—how much money you have, your fitness level, your relationships or lack of them—mirror your mental and emotional states, and the actions you are taking.

I am offering three simple, yet highly effective words that can help change the old patterns that are creating your current results. 

Each of us operates with a part of our brain called the reticular activating system, or RAS. What’s interesting about your RAS is that its job is to seek evidence to support what you already believe, and to home in on what you’re focused on.

If you believe you’re going to get a new, red Honda, your RAS will suddenly start to notice all the new, red Hondas. The challenge is that your RAS also makes you blind, or asleep, to what’s in opposition to your major dominant belief.

If you believe you can’t do it, it would be in opposition for your RAS to be aware of ways or opportunities that would allow you to be successful in that area.

Several years ago, I was at a friend’s house, and she was complaining about her husband.  She shared how he didn’t pay much attention to her and at times put her down. I jumped in with a story about a man I had been with for 10 years, even though we had been apart for almost as many years.  As I was leaving, I thought to myself, why would I want to tell that story ever again?  I’m not that person anymore and perhaps he isn’t either. It didn’t make me feel good to put attention or energy on such an unflattering story of either one of us. The man had often been unkind, and I had stayed in the relationship far too long.

The first step in changing your patterns is to stop telling your well-worn stories about how hard it is, or how it never happens for you. I encourage you to go on an “old story” fast. Notice if you’re spending time with a friend and you connect over “let me tell you what happened to me” stories. Is there something more positive you could be discussing instead?

When you notice you’re starting to tell an old story, stop yourself, and add these three words: “up until now.” Then say an affirmation. If you start thinking about how things never work out for you, pause, then say out loud, “up until now” and add “and now, ever increasing success comes to me easily.”

Interrupting your old story or thought pattern with “up until now,” signals your unconscious that you’re changing your direction. By inserting a powerful new belief with an affirmation, you’re signaling the captain of your ship which new direction you’re heading.

Now, your RAS can go to work on your behalf. You will be attracting the positive results that are in alignment with the new beliefs you’re installing, and your story will begin to change. This will change what you are aware of, how you feel about yourself, and what you attract into your life.

My invitation for you is to add “up until now” when you hear yourself saying or thinking anything or telling an old story that is self-limiting. And then add “and now I am…” plus whatever will counter your old, limiting thought or story.

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  • Cyn Hannah

    Cyn Hannah, transformational life and business coach, teaches the formula for success that brought her from tragedy to triumph and can take you from a good life to a great life. Through her speaking and coaching she has helped thousands of people create quantum leaps in their results, both personally and professionally. Cyn has shared the stage with the likes of internationally acclaimed transformational teacher, Mary Morrissey and actress and wellness advocate, Mariel Hemingway. Cyn’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to numerous successful ventures prior to becoming a coach, including working in Hollywood as a television producer and being a member of the Directors Guild of America, owning a high-tech recruiting firm focusing on the Silicon Valley and selling real estate in the world-renowned ski resort of Sun Valley, Idaho. Her passion is empowering people to achieve tangible results so they can say, “I love my life!” Visit Cyn at:

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  1. Debbi says:

    Thank you Can,
    For the exciting mantra;”Up until Now”…… I love that for changing the story.
    Thank you for the easy trip especially during Holiday time.

  2. Debbi says:

    it’s suppose to read easy tip( for thinking)and it’s to the author so just say thank you and leave out Can please.

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