Three New Streaming Suggestions

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Three New Streaming Suggestions

All I can say, Tomatoes is that “Hannah” Season 1 and the new Season 2 rocks big time as well as the dames starring in it.  I’ve always loved Amy Schumer but after watching her doc “Expecting Amy” I have the utmost respect for her as a courageous woman.  “After Life,” a British black comedy, is perfectly done in the only way the Brits can tackle the topic. Remember, Tomatoes, I’m a confessed TV Addict and these are just my opinions.

Hannah  Amazon Prime Series 2 seasons

I re-watched the first season of “Hannah”, as I always forget everything quickly now, and I was reminded how smart, slick and nail biting this show is. Eons better than the original film.  The second season was equally good if not better. Both a thriller and a coming of age drama, these two elements blend together expertly to follow the journey of an extraordinary young girl to find the truth of who she is and evade capture.  Every aspect of this series is top-notch quality with an emotional heart-stopping ride with awesome performances by all. And though the concept could come across silly, the intelligent and gritty script ultimately gives the story line a very serious quality. I highly recommend watching both seasons of “Hannah”, Tomatoes.  

After Life Netflix Series 2 seasons

Painful and delightful, two adjectives you don’t usually see paired together, describe the ingenious dark comedy, “After Life” starring Ricky Gervais.  If that wasn’t enough, it was also created, written, produced AND directed by Ricky Gervais.  Though Gervais is the star, he has written beautifully drawn female characters full of depth that you will adore with some of my favorite English actresses. It is chockful of uniquely quirky and charming characters of both genders with outstanding performances all around.  The series masterfully balances the comedy and the melancholy of the scripts while giving the audience a marvelous life affirming experience.  It’s only six 30 minutes episodes for both seasons and after enjoying both seasons thoroughly, in my humble opinion, this is a must see, Tomatoes.

Expecting Amy HBO MAX Mini Docuseries 1 season

Normally a documentary is not my first choice, as I prefer to totally escape reality in these times, but I am a huge Amy Schumer fan and this docuseries is very short (only 3 episodes) so I checked it out.  And I was so grateful I did.  Boy, oh boy, does it pack a powerful punch in those 3 episodes. I not only learned about a pregnancy condition I didn’t have a clue about, but I was incredibly inspired by Amy Schumer’s awesome talent, courage, and perseverance. The docuseries is a poignant, extremely brave, intimately touching and a “no holds barred” honest portrayal about her arduous journey with a supremely complicated pregnancy while not only preparing for the birth of a child, and an event that signifies a milestone in her career she had previously committed to with unexpected humor. Celebrity or not, this is the story of one hell of a strong woman faced with immense challenges and upheavals daily that are unique to herself but so relatable, human and inspiring to us. It’s obvious I recommend giving this a go, Tomatoes.


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