Three Extra Special NYC Holiday Shows

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With all the various events and productions going on in New York at holiday time, I want to highlight three that are extra special.

If you haven’t heard of Will and Anthony by now, you will soon.

These identical twin brothers, who are as handsome as they are talented, are classically trained entertainers who are also passionate advocates of the arts in education. They are funny too. Watching them tease each other during their act makes you feel like you are right at home in the family dining room, only they are usually dressed impeccably in clothes that are just …well, totally sharp.

This duo is the full package and they are making their Carnegie Hall debut along with the New York Pops on December 16 and 17. For performances that will inspire you, put this event on your must see list.
Oh by the way, the guys are also totally down to earth and nice, in addition to their tremendous talent and charisma.

NYC Holiday Shows
Hear them sing “My Prayer” here:

For more information on Will and Anthony and their Carnegie Hall debut,  go to

Everyone loves Italy. It is the one of the top travel destinations in the world and there is no denying its rich culture, landscapes, and of course food. But people also love Italy for its timeless music and romantic and nostalgic songs.

Award winning classical singer Cristina Fontanelli has taken her love for the country and culture and deep appreciation for her roots, and crafted a musical extravaganza titled Christmas in Italy.
Weaving folk songs, arias and holiday music into this annual tradition, the fabulously talented Ms. Fontanelli also features tenors, fine musicians, and even young children in her show. This year, Christmas in Italy will take place at the Washington Irving Campus Landmark Theater at 40 Irving Place, a magical area of New York City that is a throwback to another time.

NYC Holiday Shows

To hear Cristina’s magnificent and powerful voice watch the video.

A wonderful way to be uplifted during the holidays, this production will take place on Sunday, Dec. 18 at 3 PM. Since you will be situated in a great part of town for restaurants, it is an opportunity to bring the family and enjoy a nice Sunday meal following Cristina’s warm and satisfying production. A terrific holiday tradition to enjoy.  Get tickets at

I can’t complete this column without a Broadway mention. Earlier this season, I wrote a rave about Holiday Inn. And I am going to re-iterate that it is truly a feel good show, and perfect for this time of year. Featuring the tremendous Corbin Bleu who wows not only with his singing, but with his tap dancing, this is another fabulous way to celebrate the season in New York.


Credit: Megan Sikora and Corbin Bleu in Holiday Inn Photo credit: Joan Marcus

Get tickets here.

I think it is most interesting to note that all of the performers I am highlighting in today’s column, Cristina Fontanelli, Will and Anthony Nunziata and Corbin Bleu are Brooklyn natives.

Between the four of them, you have a helluva lot of talent home grown in that borough.

Must be something in the bagels there!

All the best for a happy New York holiday.


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