Theatre awakens!

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Theatre awakens!

As I crossed a midtown west street this week and entered the place in town that always made my happy (the theatre district), I saw something that literally stopped me in my tracks. I saw trucks unloading equipment and loading it into Broadway theatres.

At first, I didn’t realize that what I was viewing was anything unusual. I had seen that sight a million times before, so my brain was programmed accordingly.

What was different, of course this time, is that theatres have been dark, quiet, and lonely for 14 months.

And suddenly, with this flurry of activity, and the announcement that Broadway opens on Sept. 14, the theatre world is awakening from a very long slumber.

I had to stop and take photos to document this incredible moment.

Theatre awakens!

One of the main reasons I live in New York is because of theatre, live entertainment, and nightlife. And suddenly, all of this is coming back to life.

Theatre awakens!

I am happy, but also cautious. Moving forward will be like a newborn doe getting up and finding strength it its baby legs. I am looking forward to hearing the plan that will be put in place to keep everyone safe, not only the audience, but the cast, the crew, the theatre staff and security. It will be an interesting next chapter to watch unfold.

Restaurant news from the theatre district:

Etcetera Etcetera Restaurant (352 West 44 Street) announces Speakeasy Friday Nights, with music, food and drinks in their beautiful, spacious upstairs room.

Also, you can enjoy a delicious plate of pasta for half-price, Tuesday nights in May. Homemade gluten-free pasta available. Get details here.


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