The Winner’s Pitch for Job Seekers

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By Grace Totoro

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Your New Year’s resolution is to find a job, or a new job. And how are you going to keep that resolution exactly? If you are like most unemployed people, your ‘job searching’ life is made up of checking the job boards while you surf the net; fixing up your resume each time you apply for a different job; then, watching too much TV and sleeping more than normal while you wait for a callback. That is not very motivating in my opinion.

I have worked with 1000’s of job seekers and am very aware of how important motivation can be. It can actually be the ‘make or break’ of a job search. I also know how difficult it can be keeping inspiration and incentive alive as the days and weeks pass without a job. I am a Career Transitions Coach and here are three suggestions for motivating yourself:

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The stronger your ‘Why,’ the stronger your motivation. In my practice, I have had the opportunity to work with many individuals at various levels and professions across multiple industries whose words say “I am motivated,” however, their actions demonstrate just the opposite.  What seems strong is their need to make excuses and stick to a process that requires minimal effort to execute.

On the other hand, individuals who are strongly motivated work hard at their job search, following my lead and using the tools given them. For some their ‘Why’ may have been a matter of survival and for others, it was an intrinsic calling or purpose. However, because of their strong motives they achieved better results more quickly.

Everyone’s ‘Why’ is individual and can literally be anything that motivates you. As mentioned it could be one of survival or purpose, but it could also be strictly materialistic; like a new place to live or a new car or perhaps buying that engagement ring. It could be a humanitarian ‘Why’ where you contribute to the general welfare of others outside of yourself. Alternatively, recognition and prestige could be your motivation. Maybe you are not unemployed but unhappy with your current job, boss or company. You just may believe that changing jobs, industries or careers will yield you more fulfillment.  The bottom line is, Find the ‘Why’ that gets you excited and keeps you in action and focused on your plan and goals!

I stated that the stronger your ‘Why,’ the stronger your motivation – Once you have found a ‘Why’ weigh it on a scale of 1-10, ten being extremely motivating. Unless it weighs in at 8 or above it is unlikely to be enough incentive.

Work with a support system.  Supporters and advocates are crucial for both your emotional well-being and success in your job search. Feeling alone and stressed while looking for a job is unproductive and not motivating.  Besides, most people do more (are more motivated) when they have announced their plans to others.

·     Your family and friends; This group loves and cares about you. They may not have the best job search insight, but they can keep your spirits up and remind you of your strengths and intrinsic value. They can also be pretty forthcoming in pointing out your shortcomings – a sometimes necessary reality check.

·     Coworkers (past and present):   This group can help keep you up-to-date with the market trends and any job opening. Remember to stay positive; it is easy to get bogged down in the negative aspects of any specific job you have shared with someone.

·     Other job seekers: There are various support groups out there for job seekers. Belonging to one of them will enable you to relate to and often find helpful ‘hints’ from people who are in similar circumstances. Also, the job that does not work for one job seeker may work for another, therefore sharing leads becomes a resource for everyone.

·     Career transitions professionals: These professionals offer you the best resource for keeping you focused, providing you with objective job searching advice, goal setting as well as the most individualized tips and strategies.

Finally, be positive. Don’t let negative thinking drain your energy.

At the beginning of this article, I described ‘a day in the life’ of a job seeker or at least the life of a job seeker using the most common 35+-year-old approach for finding a job. My ‘Winner’s Pitch’ 3-phase approach is different; you do not apply for jobs or ‘correct’ your resume. Instead, you attract job offers and interviews. That being said, it still takes a strongly motivated individual to do the work required, and I will only take on as clients those who are. As a coach, I can give you all the tools you need, but you have to add the resolve to keep your resolution.

Let’s make 2017 your year for Victory! Enjoy The Journey and Your Transition!


If you have not already downloaded my Do-It-Yourself Job Seeker’s Guide, featuring my innovative ‘Winner’s Pitch’ 3 phase approach, here’s your chance. Click the title below and let me know where to send this detailed guide.

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Overqualified? What You Need to Do to Get HiredGrace Totoro received a Master’s Degree in Human Relations/Career Management from New York Institute of Technology and a BBA from Adelphi University. She is Founder and President of TransitionsByGrace, LLC. Phone: 561-351-9894 email: Website:

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Our experts cover the gamut from time management, relationship building, and the “art of the meal”.

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