The New World Order

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Slowly, cautiously and somewhat hesitatingly, the world is opening up again. We are in a pseudo-Stage 4 level in New York, albeit with no gyms or indoor dining, but nonetheless it is a start towards normalcy, whatever that means these days.

With larger amounts of people coming together comes the need for monitoring and regulations to keep folks safe.

This is certainly the case in the film and television production world.

What a difference it is on a tv set today from just a few months ago, when I shot an episode of a CBS program in Queens.

There were tons of people working all aspects of production for just one scene.  I am glad I had that experience and others like it, because that will not exist again for the foreseeable future.

But productions will resume, under a very different code of conduct.

With this new world order, medical supervision is paramount. And luckily, there is a company that was created for that very purpose. Several years ago,

The New World Order

Paradocs was born to fulfill the need of having medical staffs on site at large scale events, like concerts and sporting events in stadiums. In our new Covid universe, the company is now incredibly busy providing medical personnel to small production sets, outdoor theatre productions, or any place that people gather. Learn more here.

Arthur Avenue Food Tours is a company that provides tours of Arthur Avenue’s iconic shops and restaurants in the Bronx, as well as food and wine tours to Italy.  This thriving company has had to make a sharp turn away from live events.

The New World Order

Since the quarantine began in March, the creators of the company have been busy going virtual. The tours of Arthur Avenue are now visited via a laptop or phone, but the experience is nonetheless enchanting.

And if you are like me, the endless string of dreadful, foreboding news is becoming too much to bear. How about some positive stories? There must be something good going on, right?

The answer is a resounding “yes!”

Entrepreneur Al Cattabiani, founder of the successful cultural digital magazine for middle age adults, “Culture Sonar” has created yet another engaging website. This new venture is geared toward a community of people  who embrace a healthful lifestyle, practice sustainability and exude kindness.  Titled “Now With Purpose”, the website features stories focused on positivity and people that practice paying it forward. Finally, some good news.

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