The Frick Museum Celebrates Spanish Art

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The Frick Museum Celebrates Spanish Art

The Frick Museum is celebrating Spanish art, the artists and what their art brought to the New World and helped make the Frick collection among the most outstanding in the world.  Their book shop is stocked with many books and catalogs about Spanish art.  Murillo was one of the foremost Spanish artists and there is a beautiful book about his work and his magnificent self-portraits.

There is one room devoted to Spanish artist, Zurbaran and his magnificent (sorry, I must use that word again) series of paintings, Jacob and His Twelve Sons.  There is also a book on the paintings.  You will want to buy it.  No study of  Spanish artists is complete without El Greco whose work spanned genres and allowed him to be exhibited  alongside his fellow Old Masters and also the avant garde of the early 20th century.  Of course, there is also a book on him.

Do go. An opportunity like this doesn’t come along very often. Details at their web site.

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