Summer Wedding Outfits Already In Your Closet

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Summer Wedding Outfits Already In Your Closet

Summer wedding season is in full swing and invitations may already be crowding your mailbox. With several events on the horizon, your mind (and wallet) might be concerned with what to wear. Can you really afford a new dress for most every event, since you’ll be seeing many of the same people? And do you need yet another cocktail dress that will hang in the back of the closet (with the rest of them)?

If you’re tired of buying new dresses, or just want to wear something different to at least a few of the weddings you’ll be attending, take a look at your current wardrobe. Things that you may have never thought of wearing to a summer wedding might already be sitting there, just waiting for the party to start. So, what are you waiting for? Read my ideas below, and then head into your closet!


Summer Wedding Outfits Already In Your Closet

If your go-to wedding guest outfit formula is pretty dress + heeled sandals + statement earrings, it’s time to change it up. A jumpsuit is just as much of a once-piece-wonder as a dress, with a decidedly cooler edge. Add an attention getting necklace to make it party-ready and continue the disco vibe with gold heels and a sparkly clutch.

WHERE TO WEAR IT? An evening under the stars.

WEDDING STYLE TIP: If you truly have a full summer wedding calendar, you don’t need different accessories to go with every outfit. Metallics are the neutrals of occasion dressing, so invest in a comfortable pair of heels, a clutch with room for what you need and a small range of jewelry to add shine to any look.


Summer Wedding Outfits Already In Your Closet

Weddings that are on the casual side can cause style stress. A cocktail dress is probably too much, but then what should you choose? Select a balance of fun and basic with a print midi skirt and simple top. A floaty skirt with movement is event-ready, while a solid top keeps it from feeling out of place. Finish it off with your trusty nude heels and white accessories, and you have an outfit that takes you to the party, with pieces that you can wear through the summer, as well!

WHERE TO WEAR IT? Civil ceremony & restaurant reception.

WEDDING STYLE TIP: Wedding dress codes can be challenging to navigate, especially when they’re not blatantly described on the invitation. Luckily, there are some general rules of thumb to go by. Evening weddings are dressier than daytime ones. Outdoor venues are more casual than indoors. Banquet halls, hotels and event spaces are dressier than small restaurants. And always remember – if there’s a dress code on the invite, follow it!


Summer Wedding Outfits Already In Your Closet

Pants at a wedding? Instead of asking why, ask why not! They can be just as dressy, depending on the silhouette and fabrication. Wide leg pants add a bit of drama, and when they’re silk, satin or crepe, they work for any festive occasion. Amp up the glam factor with a detailed, embellished top that you’ll wear to this wedding, but also with a pencil skirt to the theater or with jeans for a girls’ night out.

WHERE TO WEAR IT? Anywhere from cocktail to semi-formal.

WEDDING STYLE TIP: Traditional fashion rules dictate that if the bride is wearing white, you can’t – but I think there’s a little leeway. I wouldn’t recommend you wear a white or ivory dress when the bride is, but it’s totally okay for you to wear white as part of your outfit, balanced with a contrasting color.


Summer Wedding Outfits Already In Your Closet

A classically cut dress in a bold color may be your power dress for key presentations at the office, but it can also be your outfit of choice for a daytime wedding. How can you change it up? Trade in your workday solid heels for a printed pair, leave your laptop bag at home in favor of a colored clutch, and grab those earrings that are too dangly for clients, but just right to celebrate your friends’ nuptials.

WHERE TO WEAR IT? Brunch wedding & outdoor reception.

WEDDING STYLE TIP: Outside of dress code guidelines, remember that what you’re wearing should align with the wedding plans. If the service or reception is in a park or on a beach, skip the stilettos (that may sink into the grass/sand) in favor of a wedge or stacked heel sandal. When dancing is on the agenda, wear a skirt (or pants) that let you move and groove. And if you’ll be outside for a significant amount of time, bring a hat just in case.

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