Style Trends: Leather, Light

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by Paul Julch

Style Trends: Leather, Light

Do you like the leather trend, but don’t want to look like you ride a motorcycle?  Then you’re in luck – there’s a huge selection of leather skirts, leggings, jackets, and leather trim pieces this season – all in sophisticated colors and wearable shapes.  Follow these simple tips for integrating leather into your day-to-day wardrobe, and no one will ask you for directions to the nearest biker bar.

  1. To test the waters and add a little edge to your look, try a leather trim coat or sweater.
  1. If you’re more adventurous, grab a top completely made out of leather.  And don’t go for the traditional jacket – dive in (figuratively) with a leather t-shirt or tank.
  1. To make your look a little less aggressive, stay away from black, and go for a subtler neutral or deeper hue.  Pale grey, taupe and ivory leathers signal luxury, while burgundy and navy leathers are unexpected and chic.
  1. When you’re wearing a leather item in your look, keep other leathers to a minimum.  If you’re rocking that leather skirt, try some suede booties or textured pumps.  Love that leather trim t-shirt?  Then throw on your tweed blazer (not your leather blazer).  With that black leather jacket, avoid black leather shoes altogether (or else they may be asking for those directions again!).

And the most important tip – quality leather styles can be pricey, so go for classic silhouettes in colors you love.  Versatility is key to getting the best cost-per-wear out of your investment.  And if you need inspiration, check out these phenomenal leather styles and see how to wear each of them two different ways.


A taupe leather top does double duty at the office or on the weekend.  Paired with white crepe pants and a boxy blazer, you’re all set for 9 to 5 – and then for drinks at 7, too.  With camo pants and a denim jacket, you’re more than ready for brunch, shopping or a casual movie date.

Style Trends: Leather, Light


Does this burgundy leather skirt have multiple personalities?  You betcha!  By day, beat the autumn chill with flat suede booties and a cozy sweater-jacket.  By night, vamp it up with a fitted black blazer, eye-catching earrings and killer heels.


Style Trends: Leather, Light


If you decide to go for black leather but still want ultimate wearability, choose a classic cut without too many zippers or trims.  Then wear it just like your favorite blazer – over a printed dress when you need to be dressed up, but not fancy.  And wear it again, over a graphic sweater and colored skinnies for pizza night with the kids.

Style Trends: Leather, Light

Paul JulchPaul Julch helps busy people to streamline, organize, and update their wardrobes so they can get dressed with ease and always look stylish and feel confident. Any budget, any lifestyle, any body.  His business is Urbanite|Suburbanite, and he works with clients to develop a modern, current, versatile wardrobe that expresses personal style rather than trends. Paul is based in the SF Bay Area, and remote wardrobe & style coaching is available for out-of-towners. Visit Paul’s website  for more style advice, and follow him on Facebook , and Instagram to stay up to date on the best styling tips and tricks.


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