Shopping Finds – The Dissent Collar, Pooches, Pilates Clothes

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Just when you thought you paid all your bills, here are a few new shopping finds. Sorry, not sorry!

Shopping – The Dissent Collar

The Ruth Ginsberg Dissent Collar at Banana Republic

All you have to do is dissent—and look chic while doing it. Banana Republic just re-issued its statement-making “Dissent Collar” to support the work of the ACLU Women’s Rights Project, which happens to have been cofounded by none other than the Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself.

Originally released in 2012, the beautiful bib-style necklace (fabric with glass stones and a velvet tie) came back for a limited time this week, with half of its $98 purchase price will go to the Project, which advocates for gender equality and women’s economic rights through legal reform. Of course, the collar sold out in a hot minute but don’t fret—BR has already put in a re-order.

Now -Feb. 14. Shop the Canine Collection

Shop the Cannine Collection at BATCH

Cheers to our four-legged companions. For the first time since it’s inauguration a few years ago, BATCH, the immersive, inspiring shopping experience, has gone to the dogs. This unique shopping venue is as comfortable and welcoming as your best friend’s home. Everything you see is covetable, touchable and take homeable.

This concept store hosts an ever-evolving group of home and lifestyle brands in contextual environs. Now through February 14th, you can shop the Canine Collection. Curated to feature stylish home furnishings alongside pet-friendly brands, dog toys, food and accessories, and unique interactive experiences as well You and your canine companion will have a great day out.1648 Pacific Ave. SF

Lululemon and RockSalt Pilates

RockSalt Pilates and Lululemon

If you are a die-hard athleisure fan and also love to sweat it out at that intense Pilates-on-steroids work out RockSalt, you will rejoice. RockSalt has a newly launched clothing partnership with Lululemon. It will take more than some fabulous hoodies to keep me from looking like a drowned rat in one of their cardio, resistance, weights and Pilates fused classes. Oh you will feel the burn.

They are based primarily in the South Bay but are opening in Protero Hill this month. All the groovy gear can be found at their studios (only).


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