Shoes – A girl’s best friend.  

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I don’t know about you, but I would say that it is shoes that are my best friend, and not diamonds (ok, I love them too!).  As you all know, start-ups abound in the techie bay area, but we are so much more than computers. Fashion over the years has evolved from our local Esprit, Gap and Banana to innovative designers who use ethically sourced and recyclable materials. Check out these designers for your tootsies.


Shoes – A girl’s best friend.  

Entering the fray of fashion, comfort and recycling we have These adorable and comfy flats are made from 100% recycled water bottles. The fiber created becomes the upper part of the shoe (breathable) it won’t lose it’s shape and it wicks away moisture. They are crafted on high-tech 3D knitting machines. No waste and no seams. They come in two styles, both flats. I ordered mine and can’t wait. A comfy, cute, eco- friendly shoe. Hooray. To order your own pair:


Many proclaim these wool shoes the “softest on the planet”. Crafted with merino wool, they minimize odor, regulate temperature and wick moisture. The groovy guy who created them, Tim Brown grew up in New Zealand and partnered with our local SF groovy guy Joey Zwillinger (engineer and renewables expert). Together they partnered with a luxury Italian textile mill and created this incredible innovative wool fabric made specifically for footwear.

Their theory is to use Mother Nature’s innovative materials not synthetic versions.  Try the shoes for 30 days – don’t like, send ‘em back.  All white versions just released and you know that white sneakers are in vogue right? Try a pair:


Clogs have come a long way, but they are still comfortable, and yes fashionable. I bought my first pair of light blue suede clogs in college in upstate New York, in the winter, and wore them until they died. Seeing the clogs at Bryr Studio brings back fond memories but these hand crafted high-heeled versions have a beautiful California aesthetic.

Each pair is hand crafted of leather and wood and created by Isobel, the designer and her team. They are lovingly crafted in her studio in the Dogpatch district. You will not find these babies just anywhere, but you can visit the studio on Fridays and try on, order and feel the supple leather that will soon encase your feet. Go there today:


Native San Franciscan and lovely tomato Linda, visited Italy when she was 10 years old and thus her love affair with Italian style and quality. Unable to find a unique, stylish pair of sandals she purchased outside of Rome 10 years ago, the idea of a shoe business took root. Last year her first line of Italian made shoes were born.

All made in a small family-owned factory in Southern Italy, they are made of leather, some and sponged with dye, some of a soft buttery leather. You will want to take a trip to Italy simply to wear the comfortable and fashionable thongs and wedges. Drool over them and order here:


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