SF LIFE: Winterfest, Author, Author, British Film Festival, Orchids

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SF LIFE: Winterfest, Author, Author, British Film Festival, Orchids

Sending love to all you Tomatoes who read our newsletters and listen to our podcast! We are so grateful for you. Now, on with the happenings. Jazz Winterfest starts today in San Jose – a cool counterpart to Summer Fest. 83-year-old author and coolest woman ever, Barbara Rose Brooker is speaking at the Commonwealth club next week. The Mostly British Film Festival is in town and they have some must see movies, no subtitles! Orchids – need we say more? The annual expo is back and blooming better than ever. And OMG – I interviewed the costume designer for Grace and Frankie on our Happy Hour Podcast.

Feb. 19. Barbara Rose Brooker at Commonwealth Club

SF LIFE: Winterfest, Author, Author, British Film Festival, Orchids

This one is for us Tomatoes. At the Commonwealth Club, Barbara Rose Brooker, 83-year-old author, teacher and performer, will talk about her personal experiences with ageism in the Hollywood industry. She explores our anti-age culture and how to promote a generation where age doesn’t count. She will sign copies of her new novel, Love, Sometimes. A Novel about Risk, Hollywood, and Controversial Love.

We can’t wait to read this story about a passionate, sixty-eight year old author who single handedly fights ageism in the Hollywood networks and risks her TV series, fame, and fortune—finding controversial true love along the way. Brooker is a native San Francisco author of 13 books, is the founder of agemarch.org, the first march in history to celebrate age pride! She teaches writing to adults over 50 and is currently working on a book of short stories about aging with glamour and never giving up on dreams. This is a no-brainer – let’s go see her!  Get the details.

Grace and Frankie’s Designer Shares How to Get Their Style + Season 7 Sneak Peek

SF LIFE: Winterfest, Author, Author, British Film Festival, Orchids

I was over the moon to have the chance to interview Grace and Frankie’s Emmy-nominated costume designer Allyson B. Fanger on our Happy Hour Podcast and we have a sneak peek of some of season seven’s clothes. Get the scoop.

Feb. 1-29. Winterfest Jazz

SF LIFE: Winterfest, Author, Author, British Film Festival, Orchids

Time for a little winter Jazz and San Jose does it right with jazz, blues, Latin jazz, New Orleans and related genres playing tonight through the 29th. Various intimate venues in San Jose and Palo Alto will host world famous artists. San Jose Jazz presents summer fest with over 100 performances and now Winter Fest that presents diverse artists that push the creative envelope.

They even have a new SJZ Boom Box, which is a mobile venue, designed to bring jazz concerts to neighborhoods throughout the bay area. Exposure to music and the arts can educate and inspire those who may not have had the chance to experience it otherwise. With the power to present great live music virtually anywhere, the SJZ Boombox Truck offers a flexible new venue where they can share the rich cultural legacy of jazz. SJJ benefits thousands of children per year through its year-round, high quality youth education programs. Sanjosejazz.org

Now – Feb. 20. Mostly British Film Festival

SF LIFE: Winterfest, Author, Author, British Film Festival, Orchids

Love foreign films, but not a fan of reading your way through them?  The Mostly British Film Festival saves your eyes! Celebrating new films from the U.K, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa, the programs being tonight. If your Valentine plans have gone awry or you didn’t make any, head to the Vogue Theatre tonight for Hampstead – A sweet romance set against the greenery of Hampstead, a posh London suburb.

Lovers of a certain age are played by Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson. Following the death of her British husband, Keaton finds herself financially strapped – an unusual predicament for a Hampstead resident. Gleeson is even further down the ladder, an Irish squatter living in a rancid shed. When neighbors try to evict him, she rushes to his rescue. The film is based on a true story but plays like a fairytale. So many films you will want to watch them all. Mostlybritish.org

Feb. 21-23. Orchid Expo

SF LIFE: Winterfest, Author, Author, British Film Festival, Orchids

Picture more than 150,000 gorgeous, unusual and rare orchids on display and for sale at the Hall of Flowers – mind blown with beauty. This year the theme is “2020: Orchids in Focus” and celebrates 68 years bring the blooms to SF. You will find fun and adventure with daily demonstrations on how to successfully grow orchids in the bay area.

Hands-on demos will give you a chance to learn. Information will be provided on ongoing efforts to promote habitat conservation around the world. There will be local and international vendors and you will view orchids the likes of which you won’t find at your local supermarket!  If you want to avoid the crowds, preview night on the 20th gives you the opportunity to wander and shop while enjoying wine, beer, and snacks. General admission during regular hours is $15, and preview night is $50. Purchase ahead at a discount here. Pacorchidexpo.org.

Join me in NYC on May 1 for the Renewal Summit

This all-day event will focus on health, wellness, beauty and more in midlife and beyond. I’ll be moderating a panel on “Aging Backwards,” and who doesn’t want to do that? We have a block of hotel rooms reserved at a special rate, and if you signup for the event by March 6th you’ll save $15.


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