SF LIFE: Tea Garden, Clean Hands, Fashion, Food

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SF LIFE: Tea Garden, Clean Hands, Fashion, Food

It’s always a thrill when something new re-opens. We get energized and a renewed sense of hope simmers. Now it’s The Japanese Tea Garden – get your Zen on. The famous Save the Lake fashion show goes virtual and now we can all afford to go! Clean hands are “in” and several local business have created hand sanitizers, so you know it’s best to shop small businesses! We have found a few new food options that will satisfy the craving to get out of the kitchen. And you’ll love my 3T Happy Hour Podcast interview with a local fashion entrepreneur. Stay Safe!

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

This week’s guest is creator, artist, fashionista and black female entrepreneur, Amber Richele. Her tie dye clothing capsules took off at the beginning of the Pandemic and then when the world rallied around the BLM movement, she could barely keep up with all the orders. A true Instagram success story. Listen in as Amber shares how she got started with help from her family. LISTEN IN HERE.

Now Open: Japanese Tea Garden

Quarantine has got everyone going a bit stir crazy, so grab your mask, head over to the Japanese Tea Garden, admire the greenery, and get some much-needed fresh air and a new Zen attitude. Of course it has reopened with modifications to prevent the spread of that virus. In order to create a safe environment, the tea garden will only allow a maximum of 100 guests at a time and one-way pathways will be in place to avoid congestion.

Staff members will also be monitoring the entire park, queues, entrances, and exits to ensure social distancing and to prevent crowding. Everyone is required to wear a mask. Please, care about the people around you and just wear the dang thing! It is also encouraged to buy tickets in advance, which you can do. Another modification that is being implemented is a change in the Tea Garden’s hours. While it was previously open seven days a week, the Tea Garden is now open Wednesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. japaneseteagardensf.com

Locally Made Hand Sanitizers

Seven Stills newly opened brewery and distillery in Mission Bay has recently been converted into a charitable sanitizer-making factory. You can buy personal use sanitizer , or if you’re involved with nonprofit healthcare providers, shelters, or senior care facilities, fill out their sanitizer request form to get sanitizer free of charge. 100 Hooper Street Sevenstillsofsf.com

From manufacturing marijuana to hand sanitizer, The Galley in Santa Rosa and its cannabis production facility did a full 180. They shifted their efforts away from cannabis products and are now producing hand sanitizer for hospitals, grocery stores, and pharmacies. Purchase your own online via email: info@thegalleysr.com.

SF-based Holdluxe Naturale’s Etsy shop offers all-natural products. Their moisturizing sanitizer is made with aloe vera gel that’ll keep your smooth, but sterile with its isopropyl alcohol at 91%. The sanitizer bottles range from 2oz to16oz and can be shipped to you in 3-5 days. We love a good socially distanced purchase! 

July 31–August 1. Save the Lake

If you love fashion and have always wanted to attend the Save the Lake fashion show presented by Saks Fifth Avenue in Lake Tahoe – it’s time to go virtual. The cost of attending this event may have been prohibitive and then there’s the whole getting to Tahoe and finding a place to stay. However, if you hurry, you can sign up for amazing presentations tonight and tomorrow. For free!  We can dream of a world where we get dressed up at the exclusive preview of the Oscar de La Renta Pre fall/Fall 2020 Collections, We can get a behind the scenes look at the show, watch a tribute to De La Renta and learn about how to fight for environmental protection to keep our lake blue. This is so worth registering for, as you will get style trend info, and lots of juicy behind the scene tidbits. http://www.savethelakefashion.com

Tosca Goes Al Fresco

San Francisco foodies take note. The new owners of Tosca, the 100-year old North Beach bar and restaurant are bringing a four course menu of Italian al fresco classics outside. Set to open before the pandemic, they are still planning to take their rightful place as an SF institution later this year. For now, Tosca will be “summering” at Ken Fulk’s beautiful Saint Joseph’s courtyard. Expect live music, unbeatable Italian favorites and wine pairings by an award winning sommelier. You can also get info on a buyout of the café to entertain those in your “pod.” privatedining@toscasf.com To book your four-course meal – reservations a must: toscacafesf.com

Picnic at Japantown Plaza

Every Saturday and Sunday through September 27th. After you pick up takeout—think sushi, donburri, and sweet crepes—and sake from Japantown’s many eateries, a host will welcome you to a table by the Peace Pagoda. Enjoy music and heat lamps while you munch, 11:30am to 8pm PST. Free (present a receipt from a restaurant).


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