SF Life: Pancakes and Art, Hip Hop Style, Kites, Bees

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Free pancakes, art and booze?  Yup just another unusual event in our lovely city by the bay coming right up! Tomatoes you may not be a hip hop dancer, but its origins are truly fascinating. A fab exhibit in Oakland traces the history and it is “fresh”. Make it a day in the East bay and head to the Berkeley kite festival where the wind tosses colorful creations and lights up the daytime sky. Want to make honey, or just see what it’s like as a beekeeper? You can do that too here in the bay at a very “sweet” class. Soak up the summer sun and fun friends!

July 28. Pancakes, Booze and Art

SF Life: Pancakes and Art, Hip Hop Style, Kites, Bees

This unique and upbeat event occurs in more than 35 cities around the world and now it’s coming to the bay. As the nation’s premier pop-up art show, The Pancakes & Booze Art Show provides art lovers an opportunity to explore more than 500 pieces of artwork created by some 100+ artists local to San Francisco’s unparalleled art scene.  Alongside an immensely wide variety of pop art, fine art, and photography; show goers can sip on some of the tastiest craft beer or signature cocktails while consuming free pancakes over and over again.

DJ’s will be spinning tunes while you wander, gaze, munch and sip. Expect live art demonstrations, maybe on real peeps, a diverse collection of art lovers and a truly one of a kind event. $10 at the Door (cash only). July 28th at The Mezzanine, 444 Jessie St. 8 p.m.  http://www.pancakesandbooze.com

Now to August 12. The Story of Hip Hop

SF Life: Pancakes and Art, Hip Hop Style, Kites, Bees

By now dear Tomato readers you probably know that I love all things dance related. If you have ever tried hip-hop, you also know it is one difficult creative and athletic endeavor. (Yes, I have and it is fun, fun, fun.) Believe it or not, Hip-Hop is one of the widest reaching cultural and social movements of the last 50 years. At the Oakland Museum of California – a true gem of creativity, you will discover the under-recognized story of how Hip-Hop changed the world, starting from its roots on the streets before rap, DJing, graffiti, breakin’ (breakdancing), and street fashion launched into mainstream popular culture. Through photography, video, art, music, dance, fashion, and interactive gallery features, explore how Hip-Hop provides a platform for creative self-expression, activism, positive social change, youth development, entrepreneurialism, and education.

RESPECT: Hip-Hop Style & Wisdom tells a fresh story of the evolution of this global phenomenon, and includes a spotlight on Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area’s influence on Hip-Hop culture. You can also experiment, practice, and perform in the Hip-Hop Dojo inside the museum. Hmm. Get those low riding jeans on and hit it up! Through August 12th. http://museumca.org/exhibit/respect-hip-hop-style-wisdom



SF Life: Pancakes and Art, Hip Hop Style, Kites, Bees

For those of you allergy sufferers, perhaps you have heard that consuming honey from your region will help alleviate those icky symptoms. Plus, honey is so very good for your entire immune system. Now you can see what it’s like to “be” a beekeeper for a day with the San Francisco Honey & Pollen Company. Every weekend, founder John McDonald teaches a very hands-on “in the hive” approach to beekeeping. He teaches each class hoping that students walk away with a new understanding and appreciation of buzzing bees.

During your time with the hive you will learn about the infrastructure of a well-running beehive, you will suit up in traditional bee suits to go into living, working hives and best of all you will wrap up by tasting various, locally produced honeys and pollen. After the beginning class you may well wish to attend advanced beekeeping and learn to spin honey. This three-hour class is really the bee’s knees! www.sfhoneyandpollen.com 1176 Shafter Avenue, SF

July 28-29. Kite Festival

SF Life: Pancakes and Art, Hip Hop Style, Kites, Bees

Honestly, who doesn’t love kites? It’s summer and time to experience the excitement and artistry of modern kite flying in Berkeley. The Octopile, kite competitions and the incredibly beautiful flying creatures will light up the daytime sky in this high-flying event. If you can’t seem to get your kite in the air, never fear, as there are kite lessons to help yours fly. You can make your own kites as well.

The Kite Team of Japan will be flying their exquisite creations. You won’t want to miss the Giant Creature Kite Expo, or the Rokkaku (Japanese fighter Kites) battle one another.  This is not your grandpa’s day with kites. This is a true festival celebration with Taiko drummers, food and drink and general merriment. For 30 years the earth, wind and sky have combined to create this unequaled festival experience. July 28-29th. Free shuttles from Golden Gate Fields, where you pay to park, but event entrance is free.  http://www.highlinekites.com


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