SF LIFE: Happy Birthday USA, Sundown Cinema, Peripatetic Players A.C.T

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Happy Birthday America! If you are in the bay, I have some places for you to watch the exploding and colorful sky on the 4th. The Peripatetic players return to SF, and this touring show will leave you laughing in a park near you! It’s outdoor movie time and you will love how three SF organizations have created movies that tie into their outdoor locations. A.C.T. presents the stage adaptation of “A Thousand Splendid Suns” – outstanding. Happy Holidaying my friends, may you enjoy the splendor of the night sky next week.

Three Cheers For The Red, White And Blue

SF LIFE: Happy Birthday USA, Sundown Cinema, Peripatetic Players A.C.T

Here you go friends, it’s time to celebrate our Nation’s Birthday, and right now we need all the cheers and sparkles we can find. So should Karl, the fog, not invade our skies on the 4th, here are some places to go to watch the beautiful explosion of colors.

PIER 7 – not exactly the spot where you plop down a couple of lawn chairs, and sip your bubbly, but it does offer an amazing view of the fireworks that are set off from the foot of municipal pier and from the barges north of pier 39.  520 The Embarcadero, SF

INDIAN ROCK PARK – If you are a Berkeley or East Bay tomato, there is a volcanic rock that’s approximately 11 million years old smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood in the Berkeley hills. When you climb to the top of it, you get an unobstructed view of the Bay Area. 950 Indian Rock Ave. Berkeley

BLUE & GOLD FERRY –  Perhaps you thought these boats were just for tourists or commuters, but I encourage you to think again. One of the fleet leaves SF at 5:40 p.m. Included in the $49 fare is a shuttle service on Angel Island between Ayala Cove and Battery Ledyard. The island’s café and oyster bar will be serving up live bluegrass, dancing, food and drinks. It is advised to bring flashlights, blankets and portable seats.  Angel Island State Park, Tiburon

TWIN PEAKS – If you are looking for a romantic local, you might want to drive up to the top of Twin Peaks. From hear you will get a view of SF Fireworks, as well as Berkeley’s and Sausalito’s bombastic fiery displays.

Sundown Cinema

SF LIFE: Happy Birthday USA, Sundown Cinema, Peripatetic Players A.C.T

By now you know that sitting under the stars wrapped in a blankie or puffy jacket is a thing in SF. The SF Parks Alliance, Do the Bay, and Alamo Drafthouse (the cool movie theatre dining experience) present Sundown Cinema. When you RSVP you have the chance to win reserved seating and special prizes. I have been assured that there will be food and drink to purchase, – you know we love our food trucks, or bring your own feast.

I just love how clever they were in selecting movies that complement the location.   On July 26th, you can watch our iconic Robin Williams in “Mrs. Doubtfire” at Alamo Square Park, on August 23rd at Duboce Park, “Best in Show” will be presented and dogs are encouraged to attend. Then on September 28th, “Grease” lovers will want to go to the Jerry Carcia Amphitheatre and possibly sing along to “Summer Lovin”. Munching and chatting begins at 6 p.m. with the movie starting once the sun descends. For ticket info. http://www.dothebay.com/sundowncinema.

July 7-Aug. 12. Peripatetic Players

SF LIFE: Happy Birthday USA, Sundown Cinema, Peripatetic Players A.C.TThis lively touring group of wandering actors hits the high seas this summer in Shiver We Timbers, a  pick-yer-own pirate adventure. Starting July 7 – August 12th, they are coming to a public space or park near you, I guarantee there is a performance somewhere within a 10 mile radius of all local tomatoes. Shiver We Timbers! will be performed on FluxWagon, The Peripatetic Players’ folding mobile stage that is set up by the ensemble shortly before each show.

As with previous Peripatetic Players productions, the Players will playfully interact with the audience before, during and after their show,  based on pirate stories from history, pop culture, and myth. The adventure begins when the Players set theatrical sail on the high seas, but when they can’t decide what course to take, it’s up to the audience to weigh in. The audience is asked to “choose their own adventure” at key points in the narrative, which will alter the story and outcome — sometimes resulting in the epic demise of one or all Players, or the audience themselves. Laugh out loud friends, it’s good for the soul. More info here. http://www.peripateticplayers.org

July 17-21. A Thousand Splendid Suns

SF LIFE: Happy Birthday USA, Sundown Cinema, Peripatetic Players A.C.T

If you are a lover the Khaled Hosseini novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns, you won’t want to miss this stage adaptation, by Irish-Indian playwright Ursula Rani Sarma. This story about three generations of Afghan women is spell-binding and the play is gripping. The women are bound together, amid the war-torn streets of modern Kabul, by marriage, family, and a secret past. As BroadwayWorld.com says “At once haunting and hopeful; shattering and uplifting…aa searing adaptation”.  http://www.act-sf.org


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