SF LIFE:  Cluster Fest, Supper Club, Roy De Forest

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Tomatoes – I’m going to branch out this summer and travel around our area to see, experience and enjoy all we have to offer. I encourage you to do the same. You can start by heading to San Jose to see the hysterical award-winning musical, The Toxic Avengers. And the best part? We’re giving away 4 pairs of tickets. Then laugh yourself into oblivion at the first Clusterfest – a festival of comedy in the city. Head to Old Skool Café Supper Club and help underserved youth while having a great evening out. Oakland’s museum of California hosts the work of artist Roy De Forest – a magical experience.  Summer time is here – Let’s explore!


June 2-4. Colossal Clusterfest

More laughter coming our way with the inaugural weekend of Clusterfest. Comedy Central chose our fab city as the setting for this weekend comedy festival bringing Kevin Hart and Jerry Seinfeld amongst other famous funny people, to outdoor stages in Civic Center Plaza near City Hall. Grab your tickets and head to the main stage on Fulton Street or the second stage across from City Hall or head inside the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

More than just a venue for comedians, there are interactive touches, including “South Park” and an “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” worlds. My fav to visit though, will be “the Seinfeld” world located on Grove Street. Tomatoes will delight in the re-creation of the show’s apartment, and feature “the world’s largest Festivus celebration.” Our famous food trucks will be on hand to feed us after we burn those calories from laughing. Bonus – a dollar from each ticket sale will go to local nonprofits in the tenderloin. Love that our city always gives back! For more information: www.clusterfest.com

Old Skool Cafe Supper Club

 A treat awaits you at this very special Supper Club in the Bayview/Hunter’s Point area of our city. You might be hesitant to journey to this location, but I can assure you that our experience was safe and extremely enjoyable. The Old Skool Supper Club is a hidden gem in this area. It is a youth-run, jazz-themed supper club that provides youth the opportunity to transform the loop of incarceration and recidivism. Youth between 16 – 22, serve, cook, and perform.

The Café is part of a violence prevention program for these young people. The youth come from jail, foster care or situations of abuse and neglect. They enter into a supportive environment and learn marketable skills, as well as receiving life coaching, while working at the Café.

Our server was so incredibly thorough and thoughtful and the jazz trio that played while we were dining were as good as any at a more popular jazz club. The food was delicious and many dishes are based on comfort food from the varied cultures of the youth. Polynesian and West African dishes were sampled at our table and proclaimed fantastic.  So tomatoes, I urge you to try this Supper Club that does so much for underserved youth!

To get your reservation go to:  www.oldskoolcafe.org

Now thru Aug. 20. Roy De Forest 

Assuming most of you tomatoes are familiar with De Forest, one of California’s most influential artists, this is an exhibit you should definitely experience. At the Oakland Museum of California, the first full career retrospective of De Forest’s work is on exhibit. You step into his wondrous universe that is both personal and Dreamlike. Of Dogs and Other People: The Art of Roy De Forest is filled with expansive artworks brimming with kaleidoscopic color and quirky characters.

You get to embark on a journey into a funky, colorful world through 50 paintings and sculptures that spark the imagination. Listening stations feature and array of unexpected voices, ranging from a dog trainer and ten-year-old to a sword swallower and landscape horticulturalist. You can also build your own imaginary world using felt shapes in a hands-on space inspired by De Forest’s paintings. For more information visit: http://www.museumca.org


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