SF LIFE: Chocolates, Gifting, Presidio Live, Bouquets To Art, Rock On

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Yum, need I say more? The chocolate salon returns with all its deliciousness. No time to buy a gift, you will love this new website, started by a wonderful entrepreneurial tomato, called Giftvolo. The Presidio is always upping its game and now they put on weekly events that will fascinate and educate. The magnificent exhibit of flowers that coordinate with fabulous artwork is coming up this week at the DeYoung, you must go! Lastly, we all have an inner rock star, check out the event to help you unleash her.

March 11. Chocolate Salon

SF LIFE: Chocolates, Gifting, Presidio Live, Bouquets To Art, Rock On

It sounds yummy and elegant all at once doesn’t it? Tasting the lovely confections made from cocoa all day –  well you had me at CH! Head to the San Francisco County Fair Building and for only $20 you will be able to savor, discover and enjoy samples from any of the participants. There will also be special book presentations featuring chocolate, talks about the science of chocolate, and demos from a chocolate cookbook. Perhaps you would rather sip a chocotini, yup cocktails concocted with cocoa! Just writing the word that beings with CH makes me drool! Sfchocolatesalon.com


SF LIFE: Chocolates, Gifting, Presidio Live, Bouquets To Art, Rock On

Have you ever been stressed for time and realize you just have to get a gift for a party –tonight?  Even Amazon isn’t that fast. Busy Tomato mom Shelly Gupta started GIFTVOLO when she realized that she had 24 children in her daughter’s class to constantly buy gifts for. Of course in our polite society, all children were invited to everyone’s party. I mean really, how many Lego sets can one child have? Plus as a busy working mom, she didn’t have time to search for unique gifts. Other factors led to Shelly creating this online gift certificate site, including realizing that people need more than things.

When her mother passed she remembered the experiences they shared. Thus Shelly created a curated site where you can purchase gift certificates for services in your area that will be sent to the giftee. There are certificates for pet lovers  – such as grooming and sitting services, or send beauty and spa days to gal pals. Hubby have a bad back? Send him a gift certificate to a chiropractor. New Moms on the horizon?  How about a month of cleaning help?  Love this idea! It makes gifting, more thoughtful, joyous and convenient. Giftvolo.com

March 15. Presidio Live

SF LIFE: Chocolates, Gifting, Presidio Live, Bouquets To Art, Rock On

In Presidio Live, you get to experience live music, theatre, dance, film, and dialogues that offer a contemporary take on the history and nature of the Presidio and the culture of our diverse Bay Area community. As a tribute to women’s history month, there will be a screening of a documentary titled “The Ito Sisters – an American Story”. This film captures rarely told stores of the early Japanese immigrants to the US.

The sisters, born on a farm near the Delta are at the heart of this film. Their lives were directly impacted by some of the most significant events of the 20th century, including the 1906 Earthquake and WW II. Following the screening there will be a panel discussion including filmmaker Antonia Grace Glenn. These Tomatoes from a long- gone era led a challenging, yet amazing life. Get tickets.

March 13-18. Bouquets to Art

SF LIFE: Chocolates, Gifting, Presidio Live, Bouquets To Art, Rock On

My favorite exhibit of the year at the DeYoung has arrived. Many of us wait 12 months to see what our talented bay area (and beyond) florists will create to accompany the magnificent artwork on display. These talented folks are inspired by the pieces and produce their own floral masterpieces. They go way beyond flowers and create displays that will truly leave you breathless. If you have not attended, it is a sight to behold.

My tip is to go early in the morning as the crowds can be daunting. Friday the 16th there is a photo free period from 9:30 – noon. It is not just fun and flowers as proceeds help underwrite various programs at the museum. deyoung.famsf.org

March 10. Rock On with Kim.

SF LIFE: Chocolates, Gifting, Presidio Live, Bouquets To Art, Rock On

You do realize that all of us have an inner Rock Star right? Could be on the yoga mat, in the kitchen or even in the board room. But sometimes we hide her or don’t know how to access her.  Join us for an energizing afternoon of fun and games, where you will have the opportunity to join other Tomatoes in a “grown-up” play date. A mini-makeover, a chat with a Tomato who decided she wanted to be a rock star at age 46, and many more surprises in store.

Improv exercises will help you gently step outside of your comfort zone. Laughter guaranteed! 1 – 4 p.m. at Breathe Holistic Health in Los Altos.  Oh, and I am the facilitator – yes, shameless self promotion!  Get the details.



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