Save Our Beaches and Marine Life

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You’ve heard the saying, “You have to get your feet wet.” Dr. Angela Witmer, Professor of Biology and Oceanography at Palm Beach Atlantic University gets her feet wet all the time in her effort to save our beaches and marine life.

She and a team of scientists committed to saving our oceans and the creatures that live on shore and in the water. She is a beach ecologist researching natural and man-made beach ecosystem disturbances.  Clean undisturbed beaches protect many forms of life that are now endangered by so many factors.  Dr. Witmer helps uncover the causes.

It’s not an easy job.  She and her team often have to brave the elements to gather key samples from the water or the beaches.  Sometimes in icy water or blazing heat the research has to go on.  There are many causes of damage to the beach environment.  Among them are oil spills, littering, runoff from overuse of chemical fertilizer, poor waste management, and of course the ever-increasing plastic pollution.

Her students are inspired and motivated by the hands on “feet wet” aspect of the research and her warm and engaging manner.  She was happy to share her ongoing mission with producer and philanthropist Victoria Herbert who is also dedicated to promoting environmental causes and stopping plastic pollution.

Many think of beaches as our playground but, Dr. Witmer shares with us the importance of maintaining the intricate balance that includes  healthy beaches and thriving  marine life.

“If we lose our beaches, there will be no turtles.”

These are the words from Dr. Angela Witmer, beach ecologist interviewed by Victoria Herbert, philanthropist, producer, and humorist devoted to saving the environment. WATCH THE INTERVIEW.



  • Victoria Herbert

    Victoria Herbert is a producer, humorist, and philanthropist, who is on a mission to save our oceans from plastics. She is also the host of the talk show, All That Buzz with Victoria, a show about arts & culture!

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