San Francisco Crab Feasting

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crab seasonIf you are craving the sweet and succulent local crab we love to brag about, this is the year to put on your bib. Last year’s crop was less than stellar, but I am assured that the tasty side walkers are plentiful in 2016.  Here are some great places to get your buttery fix whether steamed, in a cake or served with chili in paella.

Al’s Place

This veg friendly place claims that it that serves meat on the side. So of course they got in the crab game. The tasty treat is prepared in cast iron, roasted in brown butter with chili, lemon zest and mint and served with miso garlic dip. Oh yum. 14999 Valencia St. |


How does this sound? Chili garlic crab cooked in a wood oven and served on top of heirloom bean and fermented buddhas hand paella? Unique foods and preparations are found here. 888 Brannan St.|


Not to be left out of the food scene is this fabulous eatery in Oakland. Camino’s Dungeness, like many of its dishes, is grilled in the fireplace and served alongside a puntarelle-Napa cabbage salad and garlic mayonnaise. Before roasting, the half crab is coated with herbs and spices. And I thought you just put the crab in a pot with some boiling water! 3917 Grand Ave.|Oakland|


Calavera is giving crab season an Oaxacan twist, serving Dungeness crab with guacamole verde, papalo, and hard cider heirloom apple & jicama salad, with nixtamal totopos. Viva la Crab season. 2337 Broadway|Oakland|

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