Real Cure For Procrastination In 3 Easy Steps!

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  • Do you always feel rushed and behind schedule?
  • Feel frustrated with your unending to-do list?
  • Can’t finished projects on time?
  • Can’t get around to doing what you are supposed to do?

You have most likely read books… attended seminars and webinars… listened to many experts on how to increase your productivity… and yet you still cannot do it!

You have learned that you need to prioritize all of your activities, follow a schedule, and do important things first.  You are sure you are going to do all of this but you still don’t know where to start. So many conflicting priorities!

So papers pile up on your desk… phone calls are not returned… deadlines are missed… while you get distracted by checking your Facebook, surfing the Internet, taking care of your pets or talking to friends.

You are afraid that your credibility is eroding and your friends are getting annoyed with you not being on time and not finishing things. Your levels of frustration and stress get sky-high!

But help is on the way!

In this article, you’ll discover how to finally eliminate procrastination and create real breakthroughs to super-charging your productivity. You will finally be able to use all the knowledge you have invested in previously BY FOLLOWING THE 3 STEPS YOU ARE ABOUT TO LEARN.

But let me first tell you who I am and why you should Listen to me.

I am Paula Oleska, a bestselling author, mindset maverick, procrastination wrangler and an award-winning brain coach. Professional of all ages  hire me to unleash their inner productivity because most are drowning in to-dos, unfinished project, and ineffective prioritization, and are profoundly aware that busy doesn’t mean productive. So, I help them effortlessly organize, prioritize and finish projects on time so that they get things done with ease and can focus on living their best life.

After mastering my own struggles with time, I developed a passion for helping other professionals like me bridge the gap between knowing what to do and doing it. Participants of my programs were able to end their struggle with procrastination and get things done with ease.

The brain is a fashionable topic now, right? Many experts talk about it and give you more prescriptions about what to do. But the Brain Upgrade® method I have developed is the only one that offers a practical way to work with the brain that brings immediate results. I have seen that in practice! I helped over 5,000 individuals skyrocket their business and personal results using this extraordinary system for over 30 years all over the world.

Here is what I know: most everyone has a challenge implementing what they are learning and gathering.

So I’m presenting you with a revolutionary, practical solution:

Real Cure for Procrastination in 3 Easy Steps!

NOW, let’s get started…

Step #1: Want to get more work done? Organize your brain!

Here is the main reason why people don’t use the information they learned, no matter how important: the part of your brain that takes in that information…  is not the same part that actually puts it into action! That is why you just “can’t get around to it”.

You see, your Thinking Brain loves information.  But it’s your Behavioral Brain that takes action.  Unless they coordinate and work together, the information will just stay in your head! And you Behavioral Brain doesn’t respond to words! So, you can tell yourself to do something until you are blue in the face and it will still not get done.

Step #2: You can actually organize your brain so those two parts talk to each other!

It’s easier than you think. There is a totally surprising way to do it that most experts don’t know about!  What could it be???

Step #3: Here is this surprising way: Engage Your Body!

This is a shockingly simple shortcut to immediately creating pathways between your brain that knows what to do and the brain that does it – by doing simple but highly targeted physical activities.

Once you start using these activities regularly, you will be able to finally take action on the things you have learned, like prioritizing, and get things done easily!

Here is a 3-part process that will show you that you really can “get around to it”.  It includes one of those targeted activities: a gentle exercise you can do right in your chair.

PART 1: How are we doing right now?

Take a moment to role play something you’ve been putting off: reading a book, writing a letter, making a phone call, going to the gym, etc. It is important to actually do it and just imagine doing it.

Observe how you feel before and during doing it:

  • Does it feel easy?
  • Do you really feel like doing it?
  • What is the lever of frustration or dissatisfaction?
  • How long have you been putting this off?

Make a note of your feelings and experience.

PART 2: Transformation – the gentle exercise

Sit in a chair, resting your hands on your knees. SLOWLY round your back by tucking your hips under, dropping your chest and head. Next, arch your back until your chest is lifted and your head is looking at the ceiling. Round your back again. Keep arching and rounding your back slowly, gently but fully. Repeat at least seven times.

(Btw, I realized that I put the above pictures in the wrong order and can’t change it right now.  So, just do them as 1,3 ,2).

PART 3: Results

Repeat or role-play your activity.

Observe how you feel now:

  • Does it feel easier?
  • Do you feel like doing it now?
  • What is the lever of frustration or dissatisfaction?

Make a note of your feelings ad experience.

If you are like most people, you will feel that your task was much easier to do and your level of frustration was way down.  And that was just one brain-optimizing activity!

Congratulations! You just organized your brain to overcome procrastination.

You started on a new path to super-charged productivity!

If you continue with just this one exercise daily, your work will fly off your desk. You will be devilishly fast & happier then ever!

Of course, there many more brain-organizing activities that will sky-rocket your productivity. 

If you would like to find out about them, feel free to reach out to me at or call 646 554 3461.

Enjoy your results!

Here’s what people what have experienced my Brain Upgrade® method have said:

“It is amazing how fast you can see the results”  Bank VP

“A mind-blowing simple way to have a more effective life!” Architect

Every day was a struggle and I was procrastinating in taking the necessary steps to grow my business. After just a few sessions with Paula with joy and excitement I was able to move forward. I finally took charge and accomplished an activity which should of been done a year and a half ago. Sales are up!” Massage therapist

 “Instead of wasting time on my daily commute as I usually do, I spontaneously took out a notebook and spent the whole trip planning my next day’s activities. And I didn’t have to think about it or force myself!” Teacher

“I became a productivity machine!” Fashion blogger



  • Paula Oleska

    Paula Oleska, M.A., is a bestselling author, international speaker and a brain-optimizing expert. She has unlocked the secrets of developing motivation, mangagement and Emotional Intelligence and used them to create her revolutionary Brain Upgrade® method. Paula has been optimizing brains for over 30 years and has been on the Faculties of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, International Kinesiology College, New York Open Center and Baruch College of Continuing Studies, among others. Visit her web site:

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