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Why Bootcamp, Soul Cycle, and Power Yoga Might Not Be Your Best Option

Editor’s Note:  Rika Keck will moderate the panel “Get Moving, Get Calm” at the 3T Renewal Summit.

“Next year I am going to get into better shape!”

“My doctor says I should start weight-training to help my bones.”

“I am exercising but cannot get right of my belly fat!”

“Next Year I will go on diet to lose some weight so I can fit into my favorite pants again!”

“My cardiologist says I must exercise to lower my blood pressure.”

“I am tired of being stressed, I want to get into meditation this year!”

 Sound familiar?

Ok, the New Year has come and gone. New Year’s resolutions sound great after one or two glasses of bubbly at the midnight hour. BUT, have you taken action steps to bring you closer to your desired goal?

If you want to make sure that you get on track, and more importantly stay on track in the coming year, it is important to surround yourself with a like-minded community. Why not move towards your goals at the Renewal Summit where there will be top-notch NYC doctors presenting whole-body health education, healthy-living tips to help you along the way, a renewed sense of mindfulness, action steps you can apply today, yummy food,  – and tons of fun and laughter.

Are You Doing the Right Exercise Program for Your Needs?

If you are a gym rat already – awesome. But are you doing the right exercise for your specific needs? If you enjoy fast-paced workouts are you creating balance in your busy life by hitting an internal pause button that lowers your mental stress? Maybe you do not like gyms and prefer do get started at home. Find out how. We will also discuss common and not-so common pitfalls that can induce self-sabotage of your exercise goals.

I am delighted to moderate an expert panel with a focus on strength training, bone health, and mind-body fitness in all its shapes and forms.  Physical exercise matters so we feel and function better – at any age – but how we quiet our mind matters too.

Learn why the wrong exercise program can make you gain weight.

 What? Carey Davidson (from Tournesol Wellness) will shed light on this. We will also be discussing why we have different exercise needs with menopause, or why exercise can actually increase your hormonal stress – and you thought you were getting rid of your stress!

Get Advice from Top Experts

Top panel experts include Joan Pagano (author of best-selling fitness books), Sonia Satra (founder of Moticise) and Mahri Relin (founder of Body Conceptions). All are fitness and exercise specialists that will provide top tips on how to get into an exercise program that is best for you. And getting injured at the beginning of an exercise program is a sure way to squash your motivation!

Everyone is different and this must be honored whether in regards to nutrition or exercise. Your unique goals of why you exercise and what you enjoy are personal. All this, and more, will be talked about at the fabulous full day event.

Be Even More Fabulous Than You Are Now! Secure your spot at the Renewal Summit.

I’ll see you there and we will move ‘n groove!

Rika Keck


  • Rika Keck

    Rika Keck, is the founder NY Integrated Health. Rika is trained extensively in Applied Clinical Nutrition, Metabolic Typing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Exercise. As a Health Expert, she is able to address underlying metabolic imbalances contributing to e.g. digestive ailments, weight gain, food sensitivities, skin conditions, fatigue, Candida, immune dysfunctions, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, painful joints and detoxification concerns. In addition, she can provide a metabolic - health evaluation of blood labs. As an Exercise Expert, she is able to facilitate improved function, sports performance and post-surgery rehabilitation exercise. As a Health Advocate, she is an impassioned and knowledgeable speaker on a broad range of holistic Wellness topics. Contact Rika Keck at: 646 285-8588

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