Puppy Love: Marais Arrival

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Editor’s Note: If you missed how Sharon found Maris, read her first post.

Maris with her Mom

The waiting was the hardest part, but with the help of PAWRADE’s puppy guide and the customer concierge teams, everything went according to plan.  For the next few days, I busied myself in ordering the essentials, a comfy little bed, her current dog food and treats, toys, potty pads, and ok, I confess, don’t laugh, I splurged on a gold puppy crate with a Sherpa style purple pillow for her to sleep on.  I really thought my husband would put his foot down with this purchase, but he happily went along with the plan.

Maris’ comfy bed

Shannon, my travel concierge, took it from there, working with both me and my breeder, picking a delivery date that suited us both.  Lindsey, my customer concierge, kept me up to date, through the message center, with important information I needed to know, like how to set up Marais’s health insurance plan and what to expect upon arrival.  Our excitement was building day by day.

Air travel is one of the fastest, reliable and cost-effective ways of getting your puppy delivered to your home. PAWRADE makes sure that your puppy will fly in a safe, pressurized, temperature controlled cabin, not to be confused with cargo.  PAWRADE has several travel options so families can choose the best travel option for their puppy.  Their selections included, pampered ground, standard air, private air nanny, local pick up from the breeder.  Select breeders offer private ground.  Given the choices, I choose PAWRADE’S “Private Pampered Ground Escort Delivery.”

Communication was key here and April, my puppy’s escort was terrific, she would call giving us her estimated time of arrival, tell us how Marais was doing along the way, even if she was delayed in traffic.

And then the moment came. Into our lobby came the cutes little puppy, our Marais, all bathed and groomed, straight into my arms, with all her puppy kisses and cuddles.  It was like she knew from the start, that she belonged to us. April gave us Marais’s health certificate, said good bye and was on her way.  Marais was finally ours!

From time to time over the next few days I did have some questions and so I was really happy knowing that I could call Marais’s Breeder at any time with any questions or concerns I might have.  Following PAWRADE’S instructions we brought Marais to our vet for a full check-up and was delighted that she passed with flying colors.

Yes, Marais was now home, and she was ours!

Marais has a mind of her own and plenty of puppy mischief.  Stay tuned over the next few months to find out who trains who.


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