Poetry from our Tomato Poets

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The Three Tomatoes’ poets, have new poems that cover a range of emotions that will make you think, make you laugh, and pause for just a moment.

Simple Pleasures

Love, it seems, is all around,

Even though I have not found,

The one!

Of course there have been a series of three,

Who were brave enough to marry me,

But now, the last one left me free,

All alone to simply be,

A woman, a person, to live and enjoy,

But all I want is a cute boy toy,

You know what I mean!

To bring me breakfast on a tray,

To do nice things for me each day,

To understand whatever I say,

Even when I refuse to play,

Any games, or call him nasty names,

When I want to be left alone,

You know what,

I’m living in a bubble,

A relationship is too much trouble.

Living alone is just fine.

~Carol Ostrow, author of “Poems from My Pandemic Pen”

In Rotation

I want my headstone to read

“had her cake and ate it too”.

I hope to make sad strangers passing by

giggle a little

while standing on my grassy plot.

I want to get everything I want

when I’m supposed to have it.

I can be patient

and live each moment fully

because time must not be squandered.

But I ride my merry-go-round

with my weaker hand griping the rein

and the stronger one

reaching for

that brilliant brass ring.

On the never-ending rotation

one day I will yank it down

and wear it as a bracelet

until my next chapter begins.

Then I will return it

to the ride’s chassis

for someone else to pursue,

while I am eating strawberry shortcake

all the way to my grave.

~Nicole Freezer Rubens, author of “The Long Pause and the Short Breath”

At 65, rewritten from Janis Ian’s At 17

I learned the truth at 65
That love and laughter have survived
Nothing in this world is free
This Ugly Duckling becomes a swan when he looks at me
When you open up the spaces that yesterday and time erases
Sometimes you go it alone
Lonely is like a discarded bone
Guess it’s true, I survived the pain
Since then love is different but yet the same
Maybe happy to be alive at 65
We jump the hurdles and find a way to thrive
We live life completely in awe
For all, we have been through and never really saw
Doesn’t matter about not being called when choosing sides for basketball
Now, it’s golf, tennis, or pickleball
At 65
At 65
~Madlyn Epstein Steinhart, author “Put on Your Boots and Dance in the Rain



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    The tomato behind The Three Tomatoes. Cheryl Benton, aka the “head tomato” is founder and publisher of The Three Tomatoes, a digital lifestyle magazine for “women who aren’t kids”. Having lived and worked for many years in New York City, the land of size zero twenty-somethings, she was truly starting to feel like an invisible woman. She created The Three Tomatoes just for the fun of it as the antidote for invisibility and sent it to 60 friends. Today she has thousands of friends and is chief cheerleader for smart, savvy women who want to live their lives fully at every age and every stage. She is the author of the novel, "Can You See Us Now?" and co-author of a humorous books of quips, "Martini Wisdom." Because she's lived a long time, her full bio won't fit here. If you want the "blah, blah, blah", read more. www.thethreetomatoes.com/about-the-head-tomato

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