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Are you hemming and hawing over what to wear to that fancy holiday party or New Years’ Eve bash?  You know the agenda, but you’re not sure if your planned outfit is entirely appropriate?  You can go with the safe little black sheath dress and heels – or you can take advantage of the party plans and dress to match the night’s festivities.  You’ll be more comfortable, and maybe even have a little more fun.  So check out my advice on how your party look can help you ease into the evening in style, and focus on what’s important – enjoying the season with friends, family and laughter.


If your plans include a few spins on the dance floor, go ahead and wear a full skirt!  After all – how often do you actually have the opportunity to twirl?  And don’t forget some killer but comfortable shoes – wear pumps you’ve already test-driven, or grab a chunky heel or kitten heel that will be kind to your feet until midnight and beyond.

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Close Quarters

Will you most likely be standing and chatting in a crowd?  Then you’ll get the most credit for what’s up top – so wear your sparkle and color on your upper half.  An embellished blouse or a necklace that demands attention will definitely get you noticed.

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Up and Down

Is the party you’re attending a little more intimate?  Will you be sitting, standing, moving?  Then this isn’t the time for a tight skirt or constricting dress.  Choose a looser silhouette that still has impact but allows you to maneuver from buffet to couch and back.

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A sit down dinner is a great occasion for festive chatter – but it’s no time for cleavage.  You don’t want to show more than intended when you’re reaching for the veggies, right?

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If you’re not feeling like the life of the party, a dramatic or quirky accessory can help ease the night.  It gives someone the ideal reason to come up to you and say, “I love your _____”, or “where did you get that?”  Talk about a perfect ice breaker…..

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  1. Greer St John says:

    Where can I find that beautiful bird pin and earrings.

  2. Paul Julch says:

    Greer – the earrings are by Nektar de Stagni – you can see all his earrings here:
    And unfortunately, the bird pin is sold out where I found it. It’s by Oscar de la Renta from a few seasons ago.
    Thanks for reading!

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