Painting Poetry and Bear Mitzvah

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There are two exhibits at the Jewish Museum (92nd and Fifth) that you must see.  There are more than just two, but these two are really special.  The first is a show of Florine Stettheimer’s paintings and drawings and poetry.

It’s called “Painting Poetry“.  Through more than 50 paintings and drawings, the exhibition offers an important survey of the work of the modernist painter, costume and theatre designer and poet.  Stettheimer was an icon of Jazz Age New York, and this reveals her vision and important role in American modern art.  I’ve always loved her paintings and her poetry is so charming and witty.  I wish I could have known her.

The second is Charlemagne Palestine’s (that’s GOT to be a made up name and he’s from Brooklyn, no less) colorful and fantastical world of visual art, music and teddy bears!  Yes, teddy bears.  It’s called “Charlemagne Palestine’s Bear Mitzvah” in Meshugaland (for you non-Jews, meshuga means crazy and it is crazy but in the best way.  It’s all teddy bears and other plush toys displayed on the floor, walls, suspended from the ceiling and perched on pedestals.

It’s adorable.  See it.

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