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Note: WPIX news anchor Tamsen Fadal will be a panelist at our Renewal Summit, May 13 in NYC. 

How To Style Yourself Over 50 with Susan Feldman

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I am so excited to see people “aging up” these days! I have been getting emails from In The Groove for a while and that’s why I was so excited to chat with the founder, Susan Feldman. She is age-defying and has such an inspiring story about writing her next chapter in her 60s. Susan also learned about the empowerment of new beginnings earlier in life from her dad. Her dad went back to school to get his Masters of Fine Arts in painting at 80 years old. You read that right, 80! Susan took that mentality and bold attitude with her as she moved into her midlife years.

Susan transitioned from co-founder of One Kings Lane, a home decor and luxury furniture website, to building a community for women of a certain age with “Get In the Groove.” Her online community inspires women to own their age and express themselves through style. It provides a platform for women facing a crossroads in life where they may find themselves feeling invisible in their careers or comparing themselves to younger generations.

She felt that there was no platform that she felt represented in during this phase of life. Sure, she found a fragmented web of bloggers, but nothing spoke to her, nothing felt relatable. So, she decided to take it upon herself to create that community that she knew so many women were looking for. Her research into the 50+ demographic showed it is booming more now than ever, both in terms of wealth engagement, and health. The demographic spends 250% more than any other!

We talked about the true meaning of age, the wisdom it brings, and the importance of owning your age. I recently had someone tell me “you shouldn’t tell people you’re 50!” and I kept thinking why not?! As Susan says, sharing a similar experience she had, it is something to own. Our age is something to be proud of; it speaks to our experience, what we have to share with the world, and the excitement for our developing story.

What you’ll learn:

  • What a “Menopause Registry” is.
  • How to not compare yourself to younger generations.
  • How to analyze your skillset and strengths to help direct your reinvention.


  • Tamsen Fadal

    I’m Tamsen Fadal, evening news anchor at WPIX-TV for the last decade. I am a wife, bonus mom to two and committing to making a difference in the lives of other women. I turned 50 in the past year and began to realize that I’m not done yet! In fact, some days I feel more excited and bolder than ever before. And, I know I am not alone.

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