Organizing Gear Roundup

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Organizing Gear Roundup, Bonnie Joe DewKett, The Threeb Tomatoes

Organized in a Box is not only fun, it’s effective. Available in two sizes, you can organize just about any area of your home with the contents. I love the bright Poppin brand options and the fun way they arrive at your door. The playbook is included in both sizes. It’s a small guide book filled with steps to take to get your home in order fast. I love that it provides you with steps, not concepts that you then have to apply. It’s small enough to carry around the house with you or toss into your bag for on the go reading.

One of my all time favorite organizing items is a notebook. One really great notebook, small enough to be portable but large enough to hold a lot, is the BEST tool for keeping track of lists. If you write it down, it’s on paper, and off your mind. Buy a notebook you love, like this one from Leuchtturm and keep it with you all the time. I love these books to keep track of long term projects, shopping lists, and my daily brainstorm sessions. The elastic keeps small pieces of paper inside and if you add a pen loop, you’ll always be ready to write

Organizing Gear Roundup, Bonnie Joe Dewkett, The Three Tomatoes

These little containers are GEMS. They are hand made by Little Hen Studio.  You can find her things on Etsy. They stand up on their own, but they are flexible enough to accommodate just about anything you want to store in them. For example, my SHAPRIE collection. Yes, I have a lot…and previously, I had them divided up into mugs, but I wasn’t able to easily grab and use lots at once. This container sits in my craft cart and I can see and everything everything I have. Other uses for this awesome container? Q-Tips, makeup, snacks or even small toys.

Organizing Gear Roundup, Bonnie Dewkett, The Three Tomatoes

This bin is just what your nursery needs. Get it with any initial on it and it makes a GREAT gift (think about those end of year teacher gifts). Hand made by La Creature and You, they are custom made to order. I love these to hold diaper supplies on a changing table. However, as you can see here, they are also great for craft supplies. I also love this as a night table organization tool…put in your lotions, medications, and chapstick. This is a pretty way to contain clutter and keep the items inside handy at all time.

This might be my FAVORITE new organizing product. HoneyCanDo’s book organizer sits on the floor of your child’s bedroom, a nursery or playroom and holds books in an upright position so you can see them and more importantly, read them whenever you want. The container sits at child height so they can reach their books too! I love this as it adds some whimsy to your space, but still allows you to display the book’s covers…which are oh so cute. Get the books off the floor and onto this organizer. It’s sturdy too so it will stand up to playroom shenanigans.

If you’re a CEO of a fortune 500 company or the CEO of your home, Stress Less Achieve More, by Aimee Bernstein is a great book. Just like its name suggests, the book is full of tips and techniques to get you out of the weeds and transform you into your most productive self. The book discusses ways to STOP the cycle of stress and never ending demands. Then, you’re given the tools to take control of your temper, create boundaries and really learn about yourself. The book has antidotes so you can relate it to real life and there are even work book pages filled with practice activities for you or a team! It’s a great book to get you back on track and thinking the way YOU want.

One of the biggest challenges to kitchen organization is food storage. Food storage containers are notoriously messy. Their lids go missing, the containers get grimy and finding a matching set is a challenge. This spring I’m encouraging you to make a change. Make the time to match your pieces together, dispose of anything that is in poor condition and USE everything you have. Better yet, donate the pieces and start fresh with a set like the ones from Honey Can Do. They are air and water tight as well as freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. I’m a big fan of these containers not only for leftovers, but for make ahead lunches and snacks. Prep your food, put them in a container, label it in the fridge and then grab and go! I love the various sizes and locking lids. (I love a good SNAP!)

Make hanging on magnetic paint a breeze.  Hooked on Paint’s magnets make it easy to hang things anywhere in your home. Just use magnetic paint on an area in your hallway, and then use these magnets to hang artwork! Simple, effective and inexpensive!

Organizing Gear Roundup, Bonnie Joe Dewkett, The Three Tomatoes

JAM Paper is one of my favorite places to shop for organizing supplies. I can’t get enough of their creative office supplies. Here are some of my favorites: The mini wood paper clips are not only adorable for crafting, they are awesome to hold together papers and put things right in front of you, where you can see them. Above you can see how I use it to put something on the front of my planner. If it needs to be done, I want it right out front! Below you can see the clips holding together some receipts. I can use these on trips, in my home office and even in craft projects.

Organizing Gear Roundup, Bonnie Joe Dewkett, The Three Tomatoes

If you know a bride (and who doesn’t in the spring), pick up The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook. This book is one of a kind and covers everything from when a note is appropriate to what it should say. How soon do you send notes? How do you address them? In a world of text messages and emails, it’s hard to know the appropriate way to say thank you. From adjectives to addresses, this book is your go to guide.

Organizing Gear Roundup, Bonnie Joe Dewkett, The Three Tomatoes


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