SF LIFE: Oakland, Book Your Vision, Go Go’s, Hershey Felder

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HAPPY 2018 my friends – let’s make this a year of joy and positivity. To help with that, head to the Oakland Museum of California for a delightful exhibit to get your imagination going and flowing. Then go to The Kon-Tiki for a few inventive cocktails and nibbles that will satisfy your longing for the islands. Ready to make the most of the year ahead, try a day “Booking Your Vision” with one of my fav tomatoes. That amazing performer Hershey Felder has returned with a new character Tchaikovsky, and guess who is heading out way later this year – those never aging tomatoes, The Go Go’s – let’s GO, we are ready for you 2018!

Nature’s Gift at Museum Oakland SF LIFE: Oakland, Book Your Vision, Go Go’s, Hershey Felder

Escape every day reality and immerse yourself in a whimsical and multi sensory otherworld that blurs the lines between imagination and reality. Experience the world premiere of Nature’s Gift by FriendsWithYou—the LA-based fine art collaborative comprising Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III. Illuminated by the wonder of mystery, light, and sound, this larger-than-life sculpture glows with a rainbow of color and promises plenty of dazzling surprises. www.museumca.org   

Get Your Tiki OnSF LIFE: Oakland, Book Your Vision, Go Go’s, Hershey Felder

You will leave this museum exhibit feeling uplifted and ready for a Tiki surprise at the newly opened Kon-Tiki – perfect escape for winter. Tiki Bars made their appearance and gained popularity in the 40’s and 50’s and this is anything but a throwback. Cocktails are crafted with fresh juices and homemade syrups with enough surprise to have you want to try every kitschy beverage on the menu.

Beware some of these concoctions are so potent they come with a warning, only 2 per guest. The Kon-Tiki bursts with island spirit featuring carvings from the world over and oceanic art inspired by travels to the Polynesian Islands. The menu is fun, approachable and at times messy filled with organic produce and sustainable meats and seafood. Hello crab and shrimp Rangoon dip or double-patty cheeseburger with pineapple-onion jam (with fried spam – duh!) www.thekon-tikioakland.com

Jan. 25. Book Your Vision

SF LIFE: Oakland, Book Your Vision, Go Go’s, Hershey Felder Martha Beck Certified Life coach, Mary Welty-Dapkus holds her 7th annual Book Your Vision event in Los Gatos. I can personally attest to the wonder, fun, and vision opening of this day. The morning is filled with exercises and activities geared to help activate your emotional and spiritual self in order to access your intuition and creativity. This is not your average vision board experience!

You get to spend time with great women, in solitude and with your own creative self. It is enlightening, inspiring and by the end of the day you will have your vision unfolding for the new year in addition to immersing in this year’s community theme of “Seeds of Change: Plant your Vision 2018.” Oh and the lunch – let’s just say, sublime.  http://freshintuition.com/book-your-vision-2018-workshop/

Hershey Felder

SF LIFE: Oakland, Book Your Vision, Go Go’s, Hershey Felder

Playwright, pianist and actor Hershey Felder is famed for bringing musical greats like Irving Berlin, Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin, Franz Liszt and more to life via a series of engaging and acclaimed solo shows. His latest subject is Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who is not only considered one of Russia’s greatest composers — he’s widely regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time.

Renowned for world-famous compositions like Sleeping BeautySwan LakeThe Nutcracker and countless ferocious and brilliant symphonies, Tchaikovsky died mysteriously at the age of 53, only nine days after conducting the premiere of his enigmatic Symphony No. 6. Now, Felder pulls back the curtain on the curious life of the beloved and tormented composer at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. www.MVCPA.com

The Go Go’s Now a Musical

SF LIFE: Oakland, Book Your Vision, Go Go’s, Hershey Felder

We got the beat! “Head Over Heels,” the new musical featuring the totally awesome ’80s anthems of the Go-Go’s, will have its Broadway tryout at San Francisco’s Curran Theatre come April. You know you love them, and these tickets will go- go, so grab them now.

In a boon to retro fans eager to bask in kitschy nostalgia for the days of leg warmers and wine coolers, the ’80s remix will run April 24 through May 20, 2018. The score will feature many of the hits we love such as “Vacation,” “Heaven is a Place on Earth,” “Mad About You” and, of course, “We Got the Beat.” I will be tapping my toes and singing out loud. Won’t you join me? www.sfcurran.com




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