New Products in the Age of Covid

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As the days pass and America leads the world in Covid infection rates, let us not forget that America can also claim to be a global leader in ingenuity and “invention.” Are masks, social distancing, and hand sanitizing enough? Probably so, but how do we add an extra layer of protection into our daily lives? Here are some products designed to provide  peace of mind and  to peek the imagination.

TRAVEL: Bed  Sanitizing Robots, Sleep Cocoons and more!

One of the decisions facing many  as we think about holiday getaways is how to travel safely by plane or  car, including hotel stays.

New Products in the Age of Covid

For hotel stays, ever spend a sleepless night in a hotel room dreaming about  the germs sharing the bed with you?  A recent study by University of Houston researchers tested 19 surfaces in hotel rooms for bacteria, and the bed certainly is no exception.  Thus, the idea of a portable BED SANITIZING ROBOT was invented.   There are several versions in the marketplace, each using UV light to eliminate allergens. The CleanseBot uses UV light in the C-Spectrum, a wavelength that has disinfectant properties and is often used in hospitals, citing a microbiology test that kills 99.99% of E. coli.  Portable, easy to travel with, this device can go remotely under the blankets and sanitize  sheets or it can be used
in the handheld Mode on any surface or item you want to disinfect. This one is available on Amazon.

New Products in the Age of Covid

And if that were not enough, enter the SANITIZING SLEEP COCOON, available only thru Hammacher Schlemmer.  Unlike a sleeping bag, this lightweight cocoon is made from an antibacterial fabric that allows you to sleep blissfully free from worry when away from home.  The cocoon is woven from an ultra-soft blend of 60% bamboo rayon-known for its natural bacterial resistance – and 40% long staple cotton treated with microbial-inhibiting silver chloride.  Heat from the body activates the silver ions in the fabric to ward off bacteria, mold, mildew and odors to create a cleaner sleep environment in your hotel room.

New Products in the Age of Covid

Lastly, WASHABLE REUSABLE SEAT COVERS for planes, trains, buses, movie theaters, wherever you go.  If you are flying during the Pandemic, it turns out that airline headrests and seat pockets contains more infection causing bacterias than the restroom lock.  A popular brand endorsed by Travel and Leisure and Naomi Campbell in Essence, called NICE SEAT is washable, reusable, and also has a pocket for handy storage; it fits over the seat, the seat back and a lie-flat design for international air travelers.

New Products in the Age of Covid

Another one is Seat Sitters, available on Amazon.

THE SHMASK for Kids and Adults

New Products in the Age of Covid

What is the Shmask? It’s a Shirt.  It’s a Mask.  It’s the Shmask.

Shirt meets mask in the first ever shirt with an attached face covering! You can’t lose it, drop it, put it on backwards or forget it because it is all attached.  Made with super soft luxury breathable fabrics (with a little spandex to keep its shape),it is styled to drape well with the mask either up or down and comes in a beautiful array of patterns and solid colors.   Originally designed by a Mom of 3 for her kids…. the product is a SHMASH with all ages and can be found at

A WINDOW TO YOUR SMILE:  A New Mask to Brighten the Day!

New Products in the Age of Covid

It has been said that the world looks brighter behind a smile and there is now a mask with  an adjustable window to reveal your pearly whites. Originally designed by ADCO (a service disabled Veterans owned small business) for those who rely on lip reading to effectively communicate, this dual purpose mask guarantees safety without compromising the ability to enjoy more effective communication…and a chance to see a smile that can brighten another’s day!  Available on Amazon.


New Products in the Age of Covid

Tired of looking for the closest hand sanitizer, carrying bottles of sanitizers or wipes in your handbag, or just wishing this whole hand cleansing thing would be over?  Well, until it is….how about the newest fashion accessory….a hand sanitizing wristband.  As seen on the TODAY Show with Hoda, the safe hands wristband comes in a variety of happy colors and includes a refill bottle allowing you to choose your favorite sanitizer.  Check it out on Amazon.


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