New Exhibits at the Guggenheim

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The Guggenheim Museum has two exhibits that sort of go hand in hand. And they are both very enjoyable.

The first is an exhibit of paintings by Etel Adnan, an Arab poet, journalist, novelist and Painter.  Born in Lebanon, she traveled from place to place for sociopolitical reasons and used a painterly language of dynamic abstract forms.  Her work is bright and welcoming  and I think you’ll enjoy it.

The second exhibit is of the work of the Russian painter, Vasily Kandinsky and the reason they go hand in hand is Adnan was a great admirer of Kandinsky’s work and his work had a great effect on hers. Kandinsky is recognized as a major artist, innovator and painterly theorist.  He gained insight from poets, museums and the prevailing cultural climate as he moved around from Russia to Germany to France and back again also for sociopolitical reasons. He left Nazi Germany in 1933. The exhibit is very interesting since Kandinsky worked in so many different forms—paintings, water colors, woodcuts and pastoral landscapes.  I think it’s a must see.

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