Martha Rosler: Irrespective

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This survey exhibition devoted to the influential American artist Martha Rosler showcases her five decades-long practice that continues to evolve and respond to the shifting contours of political life.

Martha Rosler: Irrespective

Martha Rosler, First Lady (Pat Nixon), from the series House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home, c. 1967-72, photomontage Credit: Artwork © Martha Rosler

The Jewish Museum on 92nd Street and Fifth Avenue has an exhibit that I just love.  It’s devoted to American artist, Martha Rosler, and showcases five decades of her work.  It runs through March so you have plenty of time to see it, more than once.  Rosler is considered one of the strongest artistic voices of her generation; she is also a prolific writer, lecturer, professor and advocate for social justice.  She uses many different and diverse materials—video, photography, sculpture —to address some of the most pressing issues of today such as war, gender roles, gentrification, inequality.

I especially loved  her photographic work.  One series of photographs uses photos of Vietnamese from the war superimposed on photos from such magazines as House Beautiful.  It’s very interesting and I strongly encourage you to see it.

Irrespective” is on display through March 2019.

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