Local SF Gifts for the Holidays

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For the people on your shopping list who have been swept off their feet by San Francisco’s charms, there is a nearly unlimited array of local wonders to be had. Here’s a list of some quirky and classic items guaranteed to delight any fan of San Francisco.

La Cocina

Local SF Gifts for the Holidays

This is a business incubator dedicated to supporting talented, working-class food entrepreneurs, particularly immigrant women and women of color in the San Francisco Bay Area. La Cocina’s We Are La Cocina Cookbook is filled with powerful stories and delicious recipes from La Cocina graduates, making for the perfect gift for any foodie. All proceeds from this cookbook will directly benefit La Cocina.


Local SF Gifts for the Holidays

Two local women, Stacy Rogers and Deirdre Nagayama, have designed a line of graceful, wearable clothing at affordable prices under the label Curator. Their designs are simple and durable, making use of natural fabrics. Check out their stunning Seacliff coat for a taste of real San Francisco style. You can visit their small shop at 1173 Valencia St. or check out Curator’s collection online. Curatorsf.com

Destination Fragrances

Local SF Gifts for the Holidays

The breeze blowing through each San Francisco neighborhood picks up unique fragrances, and a particular scent will always carry you back to a special spot. Destination Fragrances uses pure essential oils to capture the essence of a dozen city neighborhoods and blends these into its pure Scents of San Francisco candles, which includes a special holiday fragrance. From the Mission district (lime, palo santo and cinnamon) to the Haight (patchouli, cedarwood and ylang ylang), these handmade aromatherapy candles will bring a touch of the city to any home.  Destinationfragrances.com

Wild SF Walking Tours

Local SF Gifts for the Holidays

Have someone on your list who loves a good scoop (and this time, we don’t mean ice cream. offer an unvarnished insider view of the city. Every guide is a working artist or activist who will tell you tales that most visitors never hear. These super-affordable tours highlight moments from San Francisco’s unique social history, as well as providing opportunities to become acquainted with your fellow travelers. The fun doesn’t always end when the tour does. Many times, the guide and tour group will go on to have food or coffee together at one of the great local places you’ve just discovered. Wildsftours.com


  • Kim Selby, the SF life editor of The Three Tomatoes, is your gal for info on what’s hot and happening in the beautiful bay area. Having lived on the Left Coast for 27 years, after almost a decade in NYC, she has explored and continues to have adventures all over the San Francisco area. Passionate about fashion, formerly with GLAMOUR magazine and Fashion Director at Saks Fifth Avenue , Palo Alto, Kim produced fashion shows in the bay area for over 20 years. She now creates events to empower, delight and inspire women, aka “Tomatoes”. Learn more about Kim at www.kim-selby.com

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