Leadership Tips: Be Creative, Prepped, Passionate

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chefs hatI was pleasantly surprised a week ago to get an email to say that I had been short listed for a reality television cooking show, and needed to come along to an audition in a few days. I was both thrilled, excited and nervous. Why? I love cooking and my love of selling beautiful cookware and eating many global cuisines replaced a career path as a flautist several years ago.

So armed with the dish that I had suggested on my short one-minute video I perfected this recipe over the next few days. The dish was from a fabulous cook Yotam Ottolenghi and his food and recipes have changed the way I cook especially in the past 5 years. I made, remade, tested his Zucchini Fritters with Feta cheese, served with fragrant cardamom coriander lemon zest yoghurt for hours.

So on Saturday I turned up for the audition feeling that I was as ready as I would ever be. And to be honest couldn’t wait to be in front of a camera and show off my cooking skills. I wondered why did I not feel stressed, exhausted and challenged by this audition and put it down to the 3 following tips that I believe we can all use in our business and work life each day. And is about being creative, prepped up and passionate.

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Cooking your favorite dish is no different than being an inspired Leader to those around you. I leant that when I cooked a recipe I loved I was in a world of making so much possible. I turned my home cooking into fragrant delights I was proud of. I stood behind my dish and this gave me a confidence in front of the camera when I was asked to plate up my offering. Imagine as Leaders when we embrace the passionate authentic part of ourselves in front of our team, organization or audience we move into rapport and connection with those listening. Something changes in our energy and others are inspired.

Be prepared, and practice practice practice. By cooking the Zucchini Fritters many times I sorted out all challenges that home cooking ignores. I perfected my Fritters, and noticed when I did this I became more curious about how I could make this dish the best ever. An energy came over me to experiment with other dishes I was cooking at home. It was as if I added more expertise to my love of cooking, and took it up several notches. In the business world, as Leaders start to think about an area that you love and sort of take for granted. Now imagine that you are in an audition and want to show your excellence, what would you do to take this product or area of your business to the highest level. Bring back the WOW and passion factor into your Professional life.

Be authentic and natural when standing in front of cameras and people on an Audition panel. When we are able to speak from our truth we command attention. I was asked what the challenges are for me when I cook. And said, many times I skim over recipes and then realize that I left a part of the cooking process or ingredients out. With home cooking not a major problem but on a television show perhaps an instant way to get rejected. Think about how as a Leader you present yourself in your business life. Are you authentic, do you open up to your challenges? Others connect with us when we are able to be truthful instead of trying too hard and hiding behind insecurities.

So for me this past week has been an enormous learning for the home cook I am and also the business woman. I know that with the reality audition I have to commit to spending more time preparing my programs, webinars and other parts of my business. And when I do this I know a confidence appears, which helps me as a Transformational Leader deliver some great coaching thanks to Creating Encores.

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Our experts cover the gamut from time management, relationship building, and the “art of the meal”.

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Our experts cover the gamut from time management, relationship building, and the “art of the meal”.

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