Late Summer Style Inspiration

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Late Summer Style Inspiration

It’s September – and even though the calendar says that summer doesn’t end for a couple of weeks, it does seem like the season is essentially over.  Labor Day has passed, the kids are back in school, and you’ve worked your warm weather wardrobe for what may feel like forever.  But the truth is that (depending on where you live) warm temps are here to stay for at least another month or so, so you’ll need to figure out how to keep your cool, and glide through the remaining warm weeks in style.  If you’re maxed out on maxi dresses, and the white jeans + solid top combo has seen it’s day (and it’s fair share of spills) – it’s time for a little inspiration to wear what’s already in your closet, in a slightly different way.

Check out how to beat the heat and your ‘wardrobe fatigue’ at the same time by creating looks that don’t depend on layers to pack a major style punch.  Get ready to play with prints, combine colors like never before, and work your accessories!


Late Summer Style InspirationWhat’s the easiest way to use print and pattern to your advantage?  Two words – go bold!  A bold print can make a standout statement, even if it’s just one piece of your look.  How do you choose your prints?  The most warm-weather feeling ones are based in white, and from there it’s your call – classic black and white, attention-getting brights, or something in-between.

If you’re already using prints to your advantage, kick it up a notch and combine two or (gasp!) three in one outfit.  It’s an amazing way to create something visually stimulating, without adding layers or bulk – AND prints are much more forgiving than solids if you want to camouflage anything, or if you’re prone to stains (think end of season barbecues).

Late Summer Style Inspiration


The easiest way to play with colors is to wear them with neutrals.  I do love this look – but if you want to get exponentially more mileage out of the colors in your wardrobe, how about wearing them together???  Pairing unexpected hues expresses your sartorial know-how and your personality at the same time.  As a first step – try adding a colored accessory to your already colorful look.  Pale blue heels with a peach shift dress, or yellow and blue accessories with red are just the beginning…

Late Summer Style Inspiration

Once you’ve mastered adding a pop accessory, you’re ready to wear two colors at once.  This isn’t the time to be subtle – strut your stuff in bright on bright, or pair pale tones with saturated shades.  Either way, you’ll be expanding your closet possibilities and inspiring everyone you see.

Late Summer Style Inspiration


Did you know that it’s possible to be supremely fashionable in a super simple outfit?  It is – you just need to let your accessories do the heavy lifting for your look.  This is the time to grab a simple t-shirt and jeans, and break out that fringed bag, those neon sandals, and the killer heels that have been hiding at the back of your closet, just waiting to see the sun…

Late Summer Style Inspiration


In the same way that shoes and bags can make (or break) your look, attention-getting jewelry can elevate a blouse and pants into something completely lust-worthy.  Choose pieces with a strong presence – leave your delicate chains and barely-there studs at home, and opt for a playful pendant or chunky cuff.  And if you only have smaller pieces in your jewelry box – think layers.  Tiered necklaces and stacked bracelets make a statement all their own – it’s the ultimate ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’!

Late Summer Style Inspiration

Now you should be sufficiently inspired to delve into your summer wardrobe and put it together in exciting new ways – but if you need more inspiration, ask a question in the comments!



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