LA LIFE: Watermelon Fest, Outdoor Concerts, Style Icons

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Happy Friday Tomatoes! Watermelon is so delish and fresh this time of year and you can get a mouthful or 2…or more at “The California Watermelon Festival.” The “Summer Nights in the Garden” series is back at the Natural History Museum. On the other side of the hill, Tomatoes can enjoy a summer night in the East Valley now that “NoHo Summer Nights” is in full swing. And in Woodland Hills on the west side of the valley you have “Concerts on The Green. If you prefer to be indoors and love fashion, The Getty Center has a new exciting exhibit, “Icons of Style.” Whatever you choose to do Tomatoes, stay cool.

July 28 & 29. Watermelon Fest

LA LIFE: Watermelon Fest, Outdoor Concerts, Style Icons

Any way you slice it gals, there is nothing better than juicy ice-cold watermelon on a hot summer day and you can find just that for free with unlimited servings of prime watermelon all day long at “The 56th California Watermelon Festival.” Besides FREE watermelon (I feel that bears saying again), there’s a full day of fun with delicious foods, carnival rides and attractions, games, contests, entertainment, a Kids Zone, and more. Be ready to pucker up!

Co-presented by the Sunland-Tujunga Lions Club and the Sunland Tujunga Chamber of Commerce in Lakeview Terrace at the Hansen Dam Park Complex, the celebration kicks off a 56-year tradition that pays tribute to the early days when watermelons were the prized crop of the eastern San Fernando Valley foothills. AND it is a fundraiser, ladies.  Proceeds from the festival will benefit charitable projects in the community. That makes the Watermelon Festival even more enticing and mouthwatering Tomatoes!

Till August 10. Summer Nights at The Garden

LA LIFE: Watermelon Fest, Outdoor Concerts, Style Icons

The Nature Gardens at The Natural History Museum are to be cherished all year but during the summer months their “Summer Nights in the Garden” series gives Tomatoes an extra special opportunity to enjoy and explore this fanciful nature garden after hours with a garden inspired cocktail, a stroll, a picnic or a botanical tour while listening to the beats of live music.  Sounds loverly Tomatoes.

Before you embark on your night in the garden, you might want to explore the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” Exhibit. Combining an exploration of the world’s best nature photography and “Summer Nights in the Garden” might be just the recipe for a very unique experience.  I’m just sayin’ Tomatoes.

Valley Cultural Center Outdoor Concerts

LA LIFE: Watermelon Fest, Outdoor Concerts, Style Icons

I thought it was time to mention how great The Valley Cultural Center is.  Since 1975, the center has provided diverse programs and events in the arts that bring together talent, community and business throughout the San Fernando Valley. Two of their outdoor events are happening now at both ends of the valley. “NoHo Summer Nights” until August 4th and “Concerts on the Green” till August 19th . Both are FREE Tomatoes!

Saturday evenings in North Hollywood and Sunday evenings in Woodland Hills make for an easy, relaxing and entertaining summer evening for the community.  Popular food trucks and booths will be on hand to delight your taste buds and enhance your concert experience under the stars. It’s hard to believe summer is going so fast! Might want to hit one of these concerts soon Tomatoes.

Till October 21. Icons of Style

LA LIFE: Watermelon Fest, Outdoor Concerts, Style Icons

Art, Photography and style loving Tomatoes should jump at the chance to attend this new ground-breaking Getty Center exhibition, “Icons of Style/A Century of Fashion Photography 1911-2011.” Vogue states “Fashion Photography Gets Its Due” in this exhibition. And it is about time, in my humble opinion, Tomatoes!

Fashion Photography has been under represented in the museum world and now the exhibition “Icons of Style” shows that fashion photography is ART.  There’s even one of the very first female fashion photographers on display Tomatoes! Beginning with 1911—when the first artistic fashion photographs were created and ending with 2011 where digital technology dominates, this exhibition surveys the rich and varied history of modern fashion photography. The show traces its journey from a niche industry to a powerful cultural force, and its gradual embrace as an art form. I can’t wait to see it gals.


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