LA LIFE: Visions of Earth, California Style, Grilled Cheese, Vintage Fashion

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Wow we’re already a week into April tomatoes and ain’t April grand in Los Angeles? You bet!!!   Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be an astronaut and see what they see?  Well “Bella Gaia” (Beautiful Earth) will supply you with just such a poetic vision of Earth from outer space. And if you didn’t know it before you know it now… April is “National Grilled Cheese Month” and LaBrea Bakery is doing it up big.  A Californian fashion point of view in the midcentury is a thing of beauty as the exhibit at FIDIM Museum will reveal. And another flash from the past in fantastic fashion is the Heritage Square Museum’s Victorian Fashion Show and Tea. The fun of April is just beginning gals.

April 12. Grilled Cheese Night 

You never outgrow a love for Grilled Cheese!  At least I never have.  Despite my efforts to avoid it, a grilled cheese sandwich is truly something special in terms of comfort food, flavor and evoking nostalgic memories.  Well La Brea Bakery is celebrating Grilled Cheese Month by hosting a “Grilled Cheese Night” with a feast…yes feast…of a unique assorted array of cheesy, gooey and heart-warming grilled cheese sandwiches. OH my goodness tomatoes, I feel some drooling coming on!

The cheesiness of the night doesn’t end there. More than 5 different cheeses are part of these grilled sandwiches with of course the traditional tomato soup on the side.  There will be samplings of cheeses from all over the world as well and of course e a variety of top wines will be available to imbibe to add to the luscious tastes of the night tomatoes. Enjoy the yumminess tomatoes.

April 15. Bella Gaia

Cal Tech’s Beckman Auditorium is the most appropriate venue to present “Bella Gaia, Poetic Vision of Earth from Space”.  With Earth Day approaching, what a perfect way to celebrate our beautiful earth and the life changing power of seeing it from space.  This immersive NASA-powered audio-visual experience helps audiences to discover what it is like to be an astronaut.  No training required tomatoes. Sounds like a wild and emotional ride.

The Village Voice stated “BELLA GAIA is a live concert that mixes music, dance, & NASA immersive imagery that turns the stage planetary. Sublime and Transcendental”. The award-winning BELLA GAIA tells a cosmic story, exploring both human and natural expressions of the Living Universe, illuminating the relationship between civilization and nature as we enter the Anthropogenic Age by visualizing our effects on the biosphere, while celebrating the evolution of art and culture. Crafted by the neuroscience-driven methodology of director-composer Kenji Williams, the “transcendental” and “Stunning” effect of BELLA GAIA (Scientific American) has proven to generate the elusive but critical emotional response: A Reason to Care…about our planet.

April 15. Vintage Fashion Show 

“Famous Women…and a Few Men” is this years’ theme at the Heritage Square Museum’s Annual Vintage Fashion Show and Tea.  It was ever so nice of the museum to include a few men. Tee hee! Fashions from as early as the 14th century to the 1940s and 1950s will be presented this year with the historic collection of Victorian Homes at the museum as the backdrop along with an afternoon tea buffet. How Loverly!

After the show and you have enjoyed the tea and treats you can view the historic homes there and visit the vendor market and gift shop.  If you don’t want to miss out get your tickets now because advanced reservations are required ladies.

‘til June 10. Sun Drenched Style  

5 women designers and their breakthrough designs from the California Mid-Century Era are the focus of the exhibit, Sun-Drenched Style: California Mid-Century Women Designers . It was proclaimed in 1946 that there was something new, something daring and something different under the sun and that West Coast fashion was at the cutting edge of casual clothes. California mid-century fashion rocks tomatoes!

Louella Ballerino, Margit Fellegi, Agnes Barrett, Addie Masters, and Rose Marie Reid are the super-cool and innovative women designers who had a big part in contributing to California’s reputation as a style center in the mid-twentieth century. They understood the evolving wardrobe needs of women, and provided fashionable solutions that could adapt to a changing way of life. The ensembles in this exhibition are uniquely suited to California activities. This exhibit examines how modern architecture influenced fashion, and why these five designers, in particular, were so important in California’s fashion journey.


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