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No doubt about it, Tomatoes, our Union Station is gorgeous, and the new online series “Discovering Union Station” is sure to pique your interest. “Debbie does 70” is the story of this Tomato’s experience with LA Stylist Felicia Arlin. Enjoy a little ditty from Lady Penelope. The cultural wonders of Little Tokyo are celebrated with the “80th Nisei Japanese Festival”.  It’s time to meet Hollywood with CicLAvia. There are new exhibits at The Autry and NHM. And an educational break in the shade might be just what the doctor ordered. All for your pleasure, Tomatoes.

Discovering Union Station

Architectural Digest just recognize our Union Station as one of the 37 most beautiful train stations in the world. But there is so much more to it that just it’s architectural glory. From the comfort of your home, “The Discovering Union Station” series will help you understand it’s significance, it’s history and how it became one of the most treasured gems of Los Angeles.

You’ll get to know this beloved Los Angeles landmark and discover what makes the Station a modern-day destination through “Discovering Union Station”, Tomatoes.


Debbie Does 70

This Tomato is a big believer in celebrating our birthdays with a huge dose of gratitude & grace especially as we age. I recently hit 70 and, holy cow, that is such a major birthday milestone it gave me pause, but not for long. In “Debbie does 70” myself and our 3T LA Life Fashion Stylist, Felicia Arlin, will give you the skinny on how we rocked my 70th b-day party with an elegant, magical and beautiful look that made me feel like a movie star. Bye the way we had a blast preparing for the big night. Yes, Tomatoes, thanks to Felicia, my 70th went beyond all my wildest dreams! READ ON.

Dress Codes

I love any exhibit that focuses on clothes but “Dress Codes,” The Autry’s newest exhibition, sounds extra special. They take a fun and subversive look at what our clothes have to say about Western identities and is about what we wear, how we wear it, and why.  And this coming Tuesday The Autry is free, Cowgirls.

Visitors can explore how the clothing in our closets have long and often surprising histories. The exhibit will unpack the cultural histories of icons of western style. Dress Codes is organized around six enduring icons of western style: blue jeans, plaid shirts, fringed jackets, aloha shirts, China Poblana dresses, and cowboy boots. Yep, it sure is surprising.

Sonnets from Suburbia

I have to say Tomatoes that I really like Lady Penelope’s take on this. There are definitely positives to having to Quarantine as the dear Lady points that out in this week’s Sonnet from Suburbia, “Quarantine So Bad?” WATCH THE VIDEO.

Sunday August 21 CicLAvia – Meet the Hollywoods 

CicLAvia- Meet the Hollywood’s” has come to town! Tomatoes can stroll or pedal down 6.6 miles of open streets connecting East & West Hollywood and their iconic LA Communities.  Or skateboard as this Tomato has chosen to do in the past.  Ain’t she something, Tomatoes?!

And ain’t it great CicLAvia has returned?!  The whole point of temporarily closing streets to autos and all motorized vehicles is to give us all the  joyful feeling of exploring, socializing and exercising in neighborhoods we might not otherwise enjoy so freely.  CicLAvia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that catalyzes vibrant public spaces, active transportation, and good health through car-free streets. CicLAvia engages with people to transform our relationship with our communities and with each other. So, mark your calendars and take advantage of the freedom Tomatoes!

August 13 – 21. Nisei Week Japanese Festival

What’s Nisei? “Nisei” refers to a person born in the US whose parents immigrated from Japan. And “Nisei Week” is an 8-day festival, the largest in Little Tokyo. This year they will be celebrating 80 years of Japanese & Japanese American heritage and traditions while bringing together the diverse communities of Southern California.  And it all starts tomorrow, Tomatoes!

It’s free and chock full of marvelous cultural events, exhibitions and entertainment and activities.  You can enjoy Japanese prefectural displays as well as artisans skilled in Ikebana Flower Arrangement & Bonsai, Kimekomi Japanese Dolls & Yukari Kai Dolls that are hand-made and hand-painted dressed in beautiful Japanese fabrics, Ceramics, Calligraphy and a Japanese Tea Ceremony.  So much to do and so much fun to be had in Little Tokyo, Gals.

Through September 7. House of The Dragon

If your anticipation for the new HBO original series “House of The Dragon: The Targaryen Dynasty” is getting the better of you then you can satisfy your craving by experiencing the mythical world of Westeros, it’s legends and dragons with the brand new exhibit “House of The Dragon” at the Natural History Museum. Yes, indeedy!

It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity where you can be among the first to see costumes, props, memorabilia, programming and sit on a replica of the new Iron Throne from the series.  Remember, you only have till Sept 7th, Tomatoes.

August 13, 27 & Sept 3. Vroman’s Summer Music Series

A bookstore throwing a music fest?  Well, that’s pretty dang cool! Vroman’s Summer Music Series is partnering with the nonprofit Pasadena Conservatory of Music (PCM)   to bring 3 luverly evenings with the Megan Shung Quartet, a Brazilian Music Trio and a Mariachi Ensemble, Ladies.

Mondays and Wednesday Shady Tours

Where? Grab your parasols, sunhats and fans and head to the South Coast Botanic Gardens for a “Shady Tour,” Tomatoes. While you explore some of the Garden’s shadiest locations, the Director of Living Collections, Terry Huang, will highlight some of the Garden’s specimens with the finest canopies and talk about the importance of botanic gardens as well as the history of South Coast Botanic Gardens, itself.

Though educational it promises to be entertaining as well. This brand-new guided tour is included with your Garden admission. Be ready to explore and enjoy.



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