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Tangerine Sunset, from photographer Lorraine Devon Wilke, reminds us how lucky we are to be Angelenos. Stylist Felicia Arlin is “In the Pink”. Lady Penelope rocks her latest sonnet. There are two wonderful theatre premieres coming up at Antaeus and 68 Arts Complex. You can learn all about our wildflowers in “Behind the Bloom”. “Stay Home and Read a Book Ball” is a relaxing way to support our LA Public Library. Bob Baker Day is back. “Ciclavia” comes to the valley. And 1 night + 24 galleries = “Art Night.”

Tangerine Sunset

Gazing west from Los Angeles is the endless shoreline of the Pacific and its horizon of always spectacular sunsets. This beauty glowed off El Porto in north Manhattan Beach, where surfers share waves with the dolphins and, looking toward Dockweiler Beach, you can see planes swoop to and from LAX. Lorraine Devon Wilke calls this dazzler “Tangerine Sunset.” And Lorraine’s photo is truly dazzling Tomatoes!


LA Style Stories

Felicia Arlin’s LA Style Stories this week take my breath away! I literally gasped! I cannot deny that I adore both her dresses, how she wears them and accessorizes them in her LA Style Stories, “In the Pink” and “Double Vision”.  Plus, her style tips are eye opening. Remember, I only highlight a snippet of Felicia’s amazing and inspirational cur8edme posts so be sure to follow her on Instagram, Ladies. GET THE DETAILS.

Sonnets from Suburbia

Lady Penelope yearns to be praised with millennial compliments although she doesn’t understand them. Our dear Lady P nails it in… “Nailed It!”.  Watch the video.

March 2. Behind the Bloom


If you got a hankerin’ to know more about our incredible California wildflowers then you might want to attend Theodore Payne Foundation’s online event, “Behind the Bloom”.  In addition to focusing on the history of California Wildflowers, it enlighten you about this spring’s Superbloom and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Wildflower Hotline . I’m intrigued, never thought about the history of our wildflowers before.

TPF Executive Director Evan Meyer will discuss the incredible explosions of flowers, take a look at the history of wildflower hunting in Southern California, the science behind the blooms, tips on how to make the most of your wildflower experience, and how to tread lightly and ensure that these unique and irreplaceable displays are healthy and vibrant for years to come. This talk previews TPF’s Wildflower Hotline, a curated guide to wildflower viewing around Southern California, which launches for the 2023 season on Friday, March 3rd.

Feb 25. Bob Baker Day

The ninth annual “Bob Baker Day” returns to Los Angeles State Historic Park tomorrow! It’s a FREE all-day outdoor carnival celebration of imagination with puppets, guest performers, family-friendly activities, a vendor market, food market, and soooo much more. Wow that is a jam-packed day full of fun, Tomatoes.

Say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” to Bob Baker and his legacy with the whole LA community. It will be a marvelous day for the kiddoes in your life. RSVP is required and a suggested donation of $20 helps provide a safe, exciting and accessible day for all.

March 3 – April 3. Love and Information

The always wonderful Antaeus Theatre Company presents the Los Angeles premiere of “Love and Information”, an exciting new work written by playwright Caryl Churchill and directed by Emily Chase. It sure sounds exciting with over 100 unique characters in 100 scenes in just 90 minutes asking: what does it mean to be human?  Now there’s a big question for ya.

Also worth some thought, are the questions; where does true love lie? How does information interfere with or enhance our existence? The NY Times said Love and Information is: “A work that ingeniously and exhaustively mirrors our age of the splintered attention span… A thought-churning, deeply poignant play.” And it’s got to be a great show with Antaeus behind the production. I’ll bet money on it, Tomatoes.

Feb 25- April 2.  Let Me In

Over at the Theatre 68 Arts Complex in NoHo there’s the world premiere of “Let Me In” from writer/director (and Tomato!) Brynn Thayer who is best known as Jenny Wolek on One Life to Live. This dark-ish comedy about love and loss was inspired by a personal tragedy in her own life, Ladies.

Life takes an unpredictable turn for the bride’s best friend and the intended groom when a wedding becomes a funeral in this new comedy. “I’ve had this story in my head for many years,” says Brynn Thayer. “I lost my best friend in a car accident when I was in my twenties. I still grieve. I think she would be very happy to know I have written a play out of my grief.” I’m sure Brynn’s friend would be happy… and proud.

March 5. Stay Home and Read a Book Ball

Mark your calendars, Tomatoes, for the “Stay Home and Read a Book Ball” presented by the LA Library Foundation to help fund programs at the LA Public Library that enrich the lives of every Angeleno.  Time to find a book you’ve been longing to read or finish and park yourself on a bench, a cozy couch, or just stay in bed and have a ball reading, Tomatoes!

The “Stay at Home and Read a Book Ball” event is the Library Foundation’s longest-running and most-beloved “non-event.” What a relief to not have to get dressed up and drive across town to attend a fancy gala.  Grab a glass of champagne or some chocolate while you are at it and pick one or several good books to read. Join the 35th Annual Chair, Mohsin Hamid, Honorary Chairs Natalia Molina, Christina Rice, Yesika Salgado, Alex Segura, and thousands of readers across Los Angeles in reading for a great cause. How luverly, Tomatoes.

Feb 26.  CicLAvia the Valley

CicLAvia”, the 5-mile car-free open streets event, has finally come back to the valley, Canoga Park that is, after 4 years! That’s a Wow and a Yahoo! Participants of all ages and abilities can play, explore local gems , and sightsee, while experiencing the joy of safe, people-powered transportation on streets that are car-free and it’s cost-free too.  What a blast!

Show up anywhere along the route at any time and have fun! Hubs have family-friendly activities, restrooms, free water refilling stations, free basic bike repair, bike parking, and first aid. In addition, free pedicab rides, sponsored by AARP, are available at each information booth. What a fab chance for us to explore, socialize and exercise in neighborhoods we might not otherwise explore so freely.

March 10. Pasadena Art Night

ArtNight” in Pasadena is a big…WOW! Why? It’s a FREE evening of music, dance, visual art, theater, artmaking, storytelling and food trucks as a plethora (I mean a ton) of Pasadena’s most prominent and popular arts and cultural institutions swing open their doors. Now you gotta admit Tomatoes…that is impressive!

ArtNight offers an amazing journey through Pasadena’s signature celebratory art and cultural event. ArtNight is an ongoing partnership among many cultural institutions and the Cultural Affairs Division of the City of Pasadena. The event is sponsored by the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission with support from the following: Pasadena Department of Transportation Transit Division; Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority; and Pasadena Center Operating Company.



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