LA LIFE: Spring, Prison Yoga, Viva LA, Deal, Can’t Stop

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Spring has sprung at Descanso Gardens. Time for a “Spring Bloom Walking” Tour methinks.  I’m busting with glee because Deborah Kagan has extended the amazing Tomato special deal to the “Rock Your Mojo Weekend” to March 16th.  “Prison Yoga + Meditation,” which does incredible work, is in desperate needs of funds. The 4th Annual “Viva La Muxe” comes to Plaza de la Raza. Come one, come all to the “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” Celebration.

Till April 29.  Spring Bloom Walks

LA LIFE: Spring, Prison Yoga, Viva LA, Deal, Can’t StopDescanso Garden is having an awesome spring bloom boom and now you can celebrate the arrival of spring and enjoy all the blooms with the Descanso Gardens Spring Bloom Walking Tours. Aren’t we lucky Tomatoes to be in a place where we can enjoy such a wide array of blooms in March?!  Yep! That’s how LA & Descanso rolls ladies.

It’s actually bloom mania right now at Descanso Gardens gals with tulips, lilacs, camellias, azaleas and daffodils spreading their exquisite blossoming’ joy.  The 2-3-hour Spring Bloom Walks are available 2 x a day on Saturdays and Sundays till end of April. What a heavenly time for a guided Spring Bloom Walk.  You might just think you’ve arrived in flower heaven Tomatoes.

Prison Yoga

LA LIFE: Spring, Prison Yoga, Viva LA, Deal, Can’t Stop

“Prison Yoga + Meditation”, founded and run by Angel Tomato Nancy DeVille, is in desperate need of donations right now to help fund an important new project to help rehabilitate more prisoners.  Nancy and her volunteers believe that yoga & meditation can help people go on to the full expression of their lives and that all society will benefit.  Your act of kindness will be deeply appreciated Tomatoes.

Your dollars will help purchase 100 Yoga mats and 200 blocks for 2 new classes at California State Prisons. The new classes will be taught to male prison lifers and those men with very long sentences.  Yoga and Meditation has the immense potential to heal, rehabilitate and produce positive change in inmates to avoid re-offending.

And Nancy DeVille and her amazing team of volunteers have had successful results in doing just that. The unseen-discarded inmates of the California Prison System, male or female, are not the only ones who benefit from the Yoga + Meditation volunteers’ compassion, love and respect but we all do Tomatoes.  When even just one person’s life is changed for the better, the world is better.

March 10. Viva La Muxe

LA LIFE: Spring, Prison Yoga, Viva LA, Deal, Can’t Stop

The “Viva La Muxe” International Women’s Day Celebration that serves to unite and empower female artists, entrepreneurs and change-makers throughout the LA area.  100% of the proceeds go to “Las Fotos Project” which inspires teenage girls through photography, mentorship and self-expression.   What a great mission Tomatoes!!

LA LIFE: Spring, Prison Yoga, Viva LA, Deal, Can’t Stop

The 4th Annual “Viva La Muxe”, an arts and music benefit, will offer live performances, more than 100 curated arts exhibits, family workshops and the list goes on and on.  The “Las Fotos Project” is a great cause ladies that provides girls with access to professional cameras, quality instruction and workshops so they can explore their identity, culture, leadership and advocacy skills which in turn strengthens their social and emotional well-being.  100 girls are mentored each year.  Wow!

Till March 16. Rock Your Mojo Super Discount Deal

LA LIFE: Spring, Prison Yoga, Viva LA, Deal, Can’t Stop

I highly recommend attending any of Deborah Kagans MOJO events ladies. Deborah has extended for another week the already irresistible, jaw-dropping discount deal to the Three Tomatoes Community for her next event “Rock Your MOJO Women’s Weekend LA” with $550 OFF your registration with the code: TOMATO. Do it now because this rare offer expires March 16th ladies!

March 14. CAAM’s “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”

LA LIFE: Spring, Prison Yoga, Viva LA, Deal, Can’t StopLove the attitude Tomatoes! The California African American Museum is celebrating the openings of 5 new exhibits with good art, people and food trucks. Get there early for 30-minute back to back walkthroughs with artists and curators. I like the sound of that!

The walkthroughs are from 6 to 7pm for the opening of “Adler Guerrier: Conditions and Forms for Black Longevity” and “Shinique Smith: Refuge” exhibits.  The “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” celebration is for those two new exhibits as well as the exhibits: How Sweet the Sound: Gospel in Los Angeles, Charting the Terrain: Eric Mack and Pamela Smith Hudson and Nicole Miller: Athens, California.  And let’s not forget there will be music Gals!



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