LA Life: Spring Garden, Etheria, Off to the Races 

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There’s a new garden in town, tomatoes, for locals to grow fresh produce smack dab in the middle of Downtown LA’s historic core. The 2nd film series event screening of “En Passant” on May 26th was a powerful evening with a powerful film and powerfully articulate speakers.  Check out the highlights. Just as we like to celebrate women behind the camera so does Etheria Film Night. “A Day at the Races” to support a good cause is always gratifying ladies especially when it is for the 1736 Family Crisis Center.

June 11. Grand Opening. Spring Street Community Garden. 

LA Life: Spring Garden, Etheria, Off to the Races 

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Marty Berg recently and Marty has been at the forefront of making a dream come true for so many residents of downtown…the Spring Street Community Garden …a first for DTLA. Marty, with partner Councilmember Jose Huizar of the LA Community Garden Council, and community volunteers have been hard at work transforming an unused ugly strip of weeds into a bounty of beautiful fruits and veggies for locals to grow and hoe. Tomatoes can give Marty, gardeners, volunteers and community leaders of the Spring Street Community Garden a hearty congrats at their Grand Opening on June 11. We dub thee… honorary Mr. Tomato, Marty.

 Everyone who attends the grand opening or just passes by this beautified space will be inspired by the remarkable community effort to re-purpose an abandoned plot to benefit the neighborhood.  It took commitment and fortitude to see the journey through to its worthy and full fruition.  Hopefully more community gardens will start sprouting up around urban LA. We must also give kudos to Joe’s Parking for donating the 2,700 square-foot lot, ladies.

Etheria Film Night June 11

LA Life: Spring Garden, Etheria, Off to the Races 

You might be wondering…what the heck is Etheria Film Night? Well, ladies, Etheria Film Night, co-founded by Heidi Honeycut in 2011, is a showcase of the best new genre (horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action, comedy, thriller) films by emerging women directors. Male directors dominate the genre field but on Etheria Film Night terrific films and talents from the selected women directors are revealed to an LA audience and industry professionals. I say “hallelujah” to that tomatoes!

If you want to support women telling powerful and innovative stories get your tickets now. There are no other genre film festivals, like Etheria Film Night, dedicated to films by women directors in this field. When you consider most genre film festivals have a ratio of about three female directors out of every 15 shown, the Etheria Film Festival is desperately needed. The event is hosted by American Cinematheque  and will take place at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. A great place to be gals.

June 18. Day at The Races 

LA Life: Spring Garden, Etheria, Off to the Races 

Enjoy the day with other 1736 Family Crisis Center supporters, staff and volunteers while having fun and raising money for the great work of 1736 Family Crisis Center. But you must get your tickets June 6 tomatoes! There’s a buffet ladies! Need I say more?!



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