LA LIFE: Salon, Legos, Native Garden, Pan Pacific, Book Event

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LA LIFE: Salon, Legos, Native Garden, Pan Pacific, Book Event

A sunflower I never planted blooms which reminds me there is much to enjoy this week, Tomatoes. There’s a new salon show, that will transport audiences through time with valuable lessons.  Oh my, Lego Art Exhibit at The Skirball is pretty dang incredible! Tomatoes have a chance to visit a glorious private native garden, in person, with the “Sunday in the Garden” event. The Art Deco Society will remember and share the story of the iconic Pan Pacific Auditorium. And Elizabeth Nyamayaaro discusses her memoir “I Am A Girl From Africa” on Vroman’s Bookstore Live, this week, Tomatoes.

May 15, 16, 20 & 24. The Rest Is History

LA LIFE: Salon, Legos, Native Garden, Pan Pacific, Book Event

The Rest Is History,” the third salon of the season live on Zoom, is 10 powerful and thought-provoking stories about history making and personal moments that changed someone’s life or even changed the world. Yep, we know all about that don’t we Tomatoes. 

“The Rest Is History” is the culmination of a year of mentoring and creativity from The Braid’s NEXT Emerging Artists’ Fellowship Program.  This program is a unique and groundbreaking fellowship that provides professional development, networking opportunities and a platform to Jewish directors, writers, actors, marketing specialists, filmmakers and other creatives to create meaningful Jewish Culture from their own perspective.

Each year, 6-8 new artists are selected to work together over 9 months to create a Salon Theatre production under the guidance of The Braid’s artistic director, Ronda Spinak, and veteran director and producing director, Susan Morgenstern , both of whom are Tomatoes. Part of Susan Morgenstern’s goal in to train future Braid show directors.  Susan says, “”Every member is getting the opportunity to direct one of the show’s individual stories. Then, our veteran lead director will oversee unifying all the elements into a cohesive show flow. It’s inspiring to watch these future theatre-makers at work.” What a wonderful program and mission! I’m sure “The Rest is History” will be inspiring in many ways, Tomatoes.

MAY 15 – August 1.  Ai Weiwei: Trace

LA LIFE: Salon, Legos, Native Garden, Pan Pacific, Book Event

This mind-blowing exhibition features portraits of individuals Ai Weiwei and various human rights groups consider to be activists, prisoners of conscience, or advocates of free speech. Made entirely of LEGO Bricks, the hero portraits honor each activist for standing up and speaking out about the causes they believe in. Let me say it again. Made entirely of LEGO Bricks, Tomatoes.

Wow! I just think that is awesomely ingenious. The “Ai Weiwei: Trace” exhibition is massive floor panels of LEGO portraits.  Why LEGO bricks? Ai Weiwei says he was inspired by his son’s interest in the colorful building blocks and was drawn to their accessible nature to create his Hero Portraits. You gotta see it for yourself to believe it, Tomatoes.

May 23. Sunday in the Garden

LA LIFE: Salon, Legos, Native Garden, Pan Pacific, Book Event

Sunday in the Garden” takes place at the private and glamorous Gottlieb Native Garden. The vast views of DTLA, lush plants, stylish paths and hardscapes, and more than 400 wildlife species and 200 carefully curated plants create a haven for Southern California biodiversity.  Treat yourself to this amazing garden, Tomatoes. 

The water features, habitat nests, the terraced hillsides and vibrant plantings of this iconic garden are “to die for”. Light refreshments will be served and there will be discussion of the garden’s flora and fauna. I’d jump quick to reserve your spot. And… you can experience it in person, Tomatoes. 

Sunday in the Garden” extends TPF’s Native Plant Garden Tour. Aren’t we lucky? I highly recommend joining homeowner Susan Gottlieb and naturalist Scott Logan as they share knowledge about the native plants & critters in the garden as well as the maintenance practices to keep this urban oasis growing and thriving. Guests will receive a copy of their new book “The Gottlieb Native Garden: an intimate wildlife journey.”  Enjoy the exploration and the socializing in a heavenly dreamy garden, Tomatoes.

May 23. The Pan Pacific Auditorium Remembered

LA LIFE: Salon, Legos, Native Garden, Pan Pacific, Book Event

The legendary Wurdeman & Becket Streamline Moderne Pan Pacific auditorium on Beverly Blvd. opened to great fanfare on May 18, 1935 and became THE premiere auditorium in LA for the most prestigious events. ADSLA’s “The Pan Pacific Remembered” virtual event will look back at the building’s architecture, it’s exciting and tragic history to honor the Pan Pacific’s legacy. Will be fascinating, Tomatoes.

When the much larger Los Angeles convention center opened in 1971, the Pan-Pacific Auditorium’s business soon dropped drastically and over the next 17 years suffered terribly from neglect and tragedy. The event speaker, Fran Offenhauser, who is an architect, preservation architect, and co- founder of Hollywood Heritage, is an expert in the building’s architecture and history. At one time she and Linda Mehr tried to save the building from demolition. Fran has a personal tie to the building and will share the story of the Pan Pacific and its almost extinct form of Streamline exhibition style architecture. A cool fact, Tomatoes; the origins of Art Deco Society of Los Angeles’ logo is taken from the architecture of this cultural mecca of bygone Los Angeles.

May 19. I Am a Girl from Africa Book Event

LA LIFE: Salon, Legos, Native Garden, Pan Pacific, Book Event

The memoir is the inspiring journey of a girl named Elizabeth Nyamayaro from Africa whose near-death experience sparked a dream that changed the world. This transformative moment inspired Elizabeth to become a humanitarian and dedicate her life to giving back to her community, her continent, and the world…and she did, Tomatoes. 

Tomatoes can hear her courageous and extraordinary story at the Vromen’s Book Store Virtual Event, “I Am a Girl from Africa”. The memoir charts Elizabeth’s quest in pursuit of her dream from the small village of Goromonzi to Harare, London, New York, and beyond, where she eventually became a Senior Advisor at the United Nations & launched “HeForShe”, one of the world’s largest global solidarity movements for gender equality. Wow!  I’d save your spot ASAP, Tomatoes.



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