LA LIFE: Plants, Theatre, Art, Vegan Fest

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LA LIFE: Plants, Theatre, Art, Vegan Fest

Greetings on this summery LA Friday, Tomatoes!  Calling all house plant lovers! “Plantopia” is taking root at Union Station and it’s all about indoor gardening. The world-premiere of the “Last Best Small Town”, at the Theatricum Botanicum, is the perfect modern day “Our Town”. Women are in the spotlight at the “LA Art Show”. Yay! It’s an artist’s reception at the Annenberg Beach House you won’t want to miss, Gals. And you don’t need to be a vegan to enjoy Vegan Playground Summer Nights…you just need to love super good food, Tomatoes.

July 31.  Plantopia Union Station

LA LIFE: Plants, Theatre, Art, Vegan Fest

Are you a plant nerd like me? I’ve talked a lot about outdoor gardens in LA but Plantopia, debuting at Union Station is a plant and pottery marketplace for L.A’s community for all things botanical.  Plantopia will immerse guests in the art of indoor gardening, and yes, it is an art, Tomatoes.

Plantopia will also feature a wide variety of houseplants including tropical plants, air purifying plants, easy-to-care-for plants, terrariums, succulents, cacti and more from an array of Los Angeles plant vendors and the same goes for pots, planters, and accessories. And if you have a plant looking sickly, the plant doc, Cillie Barnes, will be there to help you rescue your plant.  Go green and sow green at Plantopia, Tomatoes.

Starts July 31. The Last Best Small Town

LA LIFE: Plants, Theatre, Art, Vegan Fest

Theatricum Botanicum, one of the most enchanting outdoor theatres in LA, is premiering brand spankin’ new play “The Last Best Small Town.” A  well-crafted and poignant play directed by Tomato, Ellen Greer and written by local playwright John Guerra, Tomatoes.  Promises to be enlightening and a unique experience.

We are lucky we can enjoy this gem under the shade of beautiful oak trees in a canyon. The production of “The Last Best Small Town” made possible by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, tackles the important issues of the American Dream, the housing crisis, race, class, and rural America just to name a few.  “The Last Best Small Town” tells the story of two neighboring families—one Latinx and one White—who live in the small Southern California town of Fillmore. As the first decade of the 21st century unfolds, the children of these families come of age, fall in love, and suffer loss, as they continually hunt for their place in a world that can no longer promise them a better life than their parents.

Till August 1. LA ART Show

LA LIFE: Plants, Theatre, Art, Vegan Fest

The “LA Art Show” is back for in person attendance with a return of “DIVERSEartLA” that focuses on the presence, contributions, and research  of women artists. I love that the most comprehensive international contemporary art show in America is showing off women! See it for yourself, Tomatoes.

The LA Art Show showcases the very best of Modern, Contemporary, Historic and Traditional art. This civic celebration of the arts at the LA Convention Center brings art to the masses and was designed with the viewers in mind, exposing people to something new and making digital art and technology more accessible. DIVERSEartLA, curated by Marisa Caichiolo, not only focuses on women artists but non-binary artists at the forefront of work at the intersection of art, science, and technology, represented by guest museums, institutions, and Non-Profit Organizations. That’s a mouthful but it makes for a very special art show that is an art lovers paradise, Tomatoes. 

August 4. Sacred Spaces Artist Reception

LA LIFE: Plants, Theatre, Art, Vegan Fest

As I mentioned in May, the jaw dropping mural, “Sacred Spaces,”along the Annenberg Beach House walkway is a must see and it is only there through Labor Day.  Darn it! But now you can meet the brilliant Yvette Gellis, the extraordinary artist behind “Sacred Spaces” and view the mural with Yvette, Tomatoes. 

The artist reception will begin in the courtyard at the Beach House, hosted by Santa Monica Cultural Affairs, with light refreshments. Gellis will speak about her mural “Sacred Spaces”, and her experience creating this new work for the Beach House. The mural is blissfully beautiful and quite a feat. 26 painted panels, yes, I said 26, using ordinary outdoor house paint, makes up the blissfully beautiful mural masterpiece that offers chance and free art encounters, Tomatoes. 

August 4-Sept 22.  Vegan Playground Summer Nights Vegan Fest

LA LIFE: Plants, Theatre, Art, Vegan Fest

Every Wednesday night Vegan Playground is hosting “Summer Nights Vegan Fest” at Boomtown Brewery with over 20 of the top SoCal vegan food vendors every Wednesday through the summer. It’s a fun and delish time for all ages of humans and dogs, Tomatoes.

Vegan or vegetarian, you know restaurants catering to our tastes are few and far between.  But now, there are tons of choices all in one place.  They change up the vegan food vendors each week and there’s free admission.  It only costs the amount of your food and drinks. Also included in the summer evening is music, games and brews. There’s plenty of parking and metered parking spots are free after 4pm. Sounds like such a good time, Tomatoes. Yum Yum!

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