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LA Life Photographer Lorraine Devon Wilke’s cover photo, “Around in Pershing Square” just tickles me pink. Head Tomato, Cheryl Benton, and Moi had a lively conversation with Catherine Gray during the Invest in HER Podcast. Hope you’ll listen in. LA Life Tasting Tomato, Molly Cheek, travels to Vietnam via Northridge in Tastes of LA. LA Life Poetess Lady Penelope tries to have faith in her Sonnets from Suburbia offering. LA Life Fashion Stylist Felicia Arlin extolls the benefits of a kaftan and a shirtdress. Enjoy all the fab things to do, Tomatoes.

Around in Pershing Square: The Story Behind the Cover Photo

“Around in Pershing Square” was my choice for this newsletter instantly. Yep! Pink is one of my fav colors and this photo delighted my sense of whimsey. LA Life Photographer, Lorraine Devon Wilke captured the iconic location perfectly. And her story behind the photo illuminates the Pershing Square’s vast history. Who knew? Thanks to Lorraine…now I know. And be sure to check out Lorraine Devon Wilke’s marvelous photos on her webpage .

It’s a small park, only one square block in size, but Pershing Square, with its multi-color palette and whimsical architecture, has become one of the most iconic locations in Los Angeles. What the Hollywood Sign is to Hollywood, Pershing Square is to Downtown, and its designation as a place to gather, to start a march; hold a rally, stage a rock & roll event, or set up an ice-skating rink for the kids, makes it a well-known and beloved focal point for urban activity. Originally built in 1886, it evolved through various names and dedications over the years. In 1918 it was finally dedicated in honor of WW1 commander, General John J. Pershing, a militaristic history that seems somewhat at odds with its current focus as a vibrant locale for the diverse cultures of LA to meet and interact. This shot, “Around in Pershing Square,” captures some of the playfulness and color that contributes to the park’s artistic, creative appeal.

Invest in Her Podcast

The Invest In HER Podcast hosted by the extraordinary Catherine Gray is about connecting phenomenal Female Founders and Funders to help address the critical unmet need for women’s funding. I was both proud and delighted to appear as a guest, along with Three Tomatoes Founder and Head Tomato…the amazing Cheryl Benton, on this important Podcast. It was rewarding to talk to Catherine about The Three Tomatoes journey informing and entertaining fabulous women coast to coast. All the Invest In HER Podcasts bring a wealth of ideas, resources and solutions to address and change the future of funding for women. Thanks for having us, Catherine! Hope you to listen in.

LA Style Stories

It’s time to bring out my Mothers vintage kaftan, according to LA Life Fashion Stylist Felicia Arlin in the inspired LA Style Story Come Sail Away.  I would love to sail away in an elegant and oh so comfy kaftan. If the weather is making it hard to get dressed, Felicia says that a loose white shirt-dress (one of my fav style of dresses) is the perfect choice in White On. I so love her advice. Remember I only highlight a snippet of Felicia’s amazing cur8edme posts so be sure to follow her on Instagram.  And she is the most amazingly insightful guide for helping you to find the right and most flattering style for you.  Just sayin’. READ MORE.

Tastes of LA: Bun Me

Bun Me, Banh Mi, it is all news to me, Gals as I’m a very hesitant food explorer. But our fantabulous LA Life Tasting Tomato, Molly Cheek, certainly opened my eyes with her review of the restaurant Bun Me in Northridge. I will have to make the journey (15 minutes max) to Bun Me and give it a try. Molly never steers me wrong. READ MORE.

Sonnets from Suburbia

In her hilarious sonnet High Altitude Faith, LA Life Poetess Lady Penelope’s faith is tested big time while trapped in mid-air. Oh my! How would you have reacted?! I think the Lady handled it perfectly. Back by popular demand, Penny Peyser will be performing as Lady Penelope in her funny and touching one woman show, Sonnets from Suburbia. on September 20.  And don’t forget to order a copy of Penny Peyser’s (Lady Penelope) brilliant book, “Sonnets from Suburbia: More Candles Than Cake”. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Through September 21. Wave of Flags

Pepperdine University’s stunning memorial, “Wave of Flags” honoring the victims of the 9/11 attack is displayed again this year on the green hills of the university overlooking the ocean. Having seen it, I can tell you Ladies that there is truly no way to adequately describe it’s powerful, poignant, and heartbreaking beauty.  You must see it for yourself!

The “Waves of Flags” installation features a display of a total of 2,977 full-size flags—2,887 American flags for each American life lost and 90 various international flags representing the home countries of those from abroad who died in the attacks. In addition to the Waves of Flags installation, the University is the permanent home of Heroes Garden, a public space, open all year round, for visitors to reflect and honor all those who live heroic lives. Do yourself a favor gals and head to Pepperdine for this amazing sight.

September 9. Tequila Festival

Hear ye! Hear Ye! The LA Tequila Festival is bigger and better than ever and will be rocking LA Center Studios with 300 Tequila tasting options from over 75 different Award-Winning Tequila and Mezcal Brands.  And let’s not forget the top restaurants and gourmet food trucks serving delish delights from LA’s Foodie scene, Tomatoes. Wow!

Tomatoes can soak up the sun while imbibing drinks and tasting scrumptious food, listening to a live DJ and playing lawn games. There’s even shopping with a boutique marketplace. You don’t have to like Tequila to have fun because the LA Tequila Fest has something for everyone, Gals.

September 13, 20, 27. Readings at Greystone

Three staged readings are coming up at the dreamy Greystone Mansion’s newly-renovated Theatre with actors and directors from award winning Theatre 40.  A positively brilliant location for staged readings from an equally brilliant theatre company, Tomatoes.

It also doesn’t get any better than Theatre 40.  The Firestorm is set in Ohio and Patrick Henderson is hot on the gubernatorial campaign trail with his Ivy League-educated, attorney wife, Gaby. They’re an interracial power couple who look good on paper and in photographs. But even in post-Obama America, their marriage is at once a selling point and a weak spot.

The Ice Cream Sunday is set on the grounds of the Massenet Estate in 1955. An actress is determined to celebrate her son’s 25th birthday, while her husband is intent on introducing her to his mistress. The comedy is reminiscent of madcap comedies of the l930s. Beatnik Girl is set 1957 New York and the Beat Generation is creating new poetry, jazz, and art on the Lower East Side. It’s exactly where twenty-two-year-old Edie Gordon wants to be. But can she find her creative voice while she struggles with misogyny, antisemitism, and an unwanted pregnancy?

September 9 & 16. Movie at Hollywood Cemetery

Cinespia is back at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery screening classic movies. A picnic basket full of goodies and blanket spread across the Fairbanks Lawn with a classic film projected on the side of a mausoleum offers a truly unique and special evening, Tomatoes.

You can also enjoy the preshow prior the main attraction of a fantastic classic film.  Hollywood Forever is both a world-famous landmark cemetery in the heart of Hollywood. An important cultural event center in Los Angeles unlike any other. One of the world’s most visited landmarks, Hollywood Forever is the final resting place of hundreds of Hollywood’s founders and stars, along with thousands of neighborhood residents and individuals from throughout the globe.

September 9 & 10. Doors Open California


Get rare and special access to amazing architecture and hidden histories in one weekend with Doors Open California – the largest statewide celebration of 65 +historic places all across California from The California Preservation Foundation. Holy Moly! Experience California History with walking tours, hidden vaults of local museums, inaccessible areas of historic buildings and enlightening stories. Just scroll down the list of locations to find one near you, Ladies.

Union Station LA is a participant in Doors Open California and will be hosting a curated, one-hour “Hidden Gems” tour, exclusively available to Doors Open California attendees. Be sure and register.

September 9 & 10. Train Festival


Oh boy, it’s time for the Los Angeles Union Station Train Festival 2023: A Celebration of Past, Present & Future! Train enthusiasts of all ages are invited to see rail equipment on the tracks since the opening of the Station, view the rarest of model train exhibits, participate in tours exploring its history, restoration and art displayed throughout the building.  All aboard, Tomatoes!

And you do not have to be a train aficionado to love the Union Station Train Fest with all its unique activities celebrating the legacy and future of Union Station and Southern California’s rail systems. FYI, the TAP booth will be located on the South Patio, and we’ll be giving away free commemorative TAP cards loaded with a Metro day pass!

September 9 – December 23. Pasadena Haunted History Ghost Walk

Now that fall is upon us, Tomatoes, The Pasadena Haunted History Ghost Walk caught my eye. Pasadena just happens to be one of SoCal’s most haunted cities where tales of untimely death, disease, the occult, and the paranormal lurk. As the sun goes down over the buildings and theatres of Old Town Pasadena, a more sinister past is revealed. Ghostly stories accompany this 2-hour tour through the streets and alleyways of the historic district. Ooooooooh…scary!

Pasadena is known for its Rose Bowl, historic buildings, and its majestic Tournament of Roses parade. But underneath it is frightful.  A Victorian Hotel, which is now apartments, whose guests never checked out and a phantom stage manager are visited on the tour.  Wear comfortable shoes and bring your courage to the tour as you explore the darker side of Pasadena. What fun!

September 15 & October 6. Farm to Table Dinner

Tomatoes can indulge in an exclusive Farm to Table Dinner and Wine Pairing at the beautiful Malibu Wines & Beer Garden. Methinks, it promises to be a memorable evening with a multi-course dinner, thoughtfully prepared, featuring a menu of the freshest, seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms and producers. Each dish is perfectly paired with one of their Saddlerock or Estate wines, with each having a story to tell.  Yum!

Sounds so luverly and in my opinion the price is very reasonably priced for a multi-course locally sourced dinner and wine pairing. It is a magical location for a Farm to Dinner and Wine Pairing that will tantalize your taste buds. Worth checking out, Tomatoes.


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