LA LIFE: P-22 Fest, Midge Soiree, Historic Stroll, Street Fair, Garden Tea

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LA LIFE: P-22 Fest, Midge Soiree, Historic Stroll, Street Fair, Garden Tea

“Ain’t no party like a mountain lion party, cause a mountain lion party don’t stop.” Yes, Tomatoes, it’s time to celebrate P-22! 1950s makeup, hors d’oeuvres & bubbly and original 50’s costumes?! What’s not to love about “Midge’s Marvelous Night” at FIDM. Culver City has a ton of history and you can explore it all at the “Culver City at a Crossroads Walking Tour”. The “Sherman Oaks Street Fair” is back this Sunday.  And a little way down the road in Van Nuys, a “Celebration of Tea” is happening at the SuihoEn Japanese Garden. Yes, Ladies, Van Nuys has a beautiful Japanese Garden. I kid you not.

Oct 19.  P-22 Festival Day

LA LIFE: P-22 Fest, Midge Soiree, Historic Stroll, Street Fair, Garden Tea

Why did the Mountain Lion cross the road? So, he wouldn’t go extinct. Not only did P-22, LA’s big tough world-famous cat, travel from the Santa Monica Mountains crossing two of the busiest freeways in America to his current home in Griffith Park, but P-22 has come to represent that “L.A. is willing to live with a dangerous predator in its midst.” says Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, the California Director of the National Wildlife Federation. “… that is something to celebrate!”.  And Tomatoes can join the celebration at the 4th Annual “P-22 Festival Day & Urban Wildlife Week” for FREE Tomatoes.

That is just one of the reasons P-22, is worth celebrating Tomatoes.  It might be too late for the many others we have tragically lost because of humans but it’s not too late for P-22 and the other Mountain Lions making LA their home. In other areas of the country, P-22 might have been removed immediately but here in LA, we respect and appreciate the immense value and importance of our urban wildlife to us and our environment.  We want our Mountain Lions and wildlife to endure, thrive and get across the road safely.  We can help and without our help these survivors of the ice-age face death.  It’s the least we can do Tomatoes.

I know, I know, I am on the soap box, but this is an issue very close to my and Mr. Tomatoes heart.  As Wallis Annenberg, President of the  Annenberg Foundation , says, “It’s easy to think of Los Angeles as a concrete jungle. The truth is, we’re home to one of the most richly diverse ecosystems in the entire world. If you care about conservation, as I do—if you believe this Earth is a precious and interconnected resource, for all of us to share—then you ought to care about urban wildlife here in L.A. and around the world. We need to establish more and better wildlife crossings. And we need to use the extraordinary story of P-22 to help all the people of L.A. realize that this community is not ours alone. I’m proud we’re helping to present this celebration of P-22 and of urban wildlife as a whole—for the good of every living creature who calls L.A. home.” This Tomato heartily agrees.  I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Griffith Park, the National Wildlife Federation, the Santa Monica Mountain Conservatory, Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority, Natural History Museum, City of LA Recreation and Parks and other partners host this party with an array of non-profits, government agencies, and individuals hosting booths showcasing the great work being done for Los Angeles wildlife.  The day also includes 100 fun and educational exhibits, a virtual reality cinema, rock-climbing wall, children’s art activities, and much more!

And Mr. Tomato (Michael Horton) will be working both the SSMPA and Sky Valley Volunteers table. Stop by and say hello. And I might be hanging around those table too.  Bring the kids because it will be fun and we need to make the future generations environmentally award, Gals. Ranger Rick and “P-22” will be making appearances, along with many other special surprise guests.  It’s all to help our precious Mountain Lions Tomatoes which in turn helps us.  I highly recommend attending or perhaps DONATE to “Save LA Cougars.”

October 23 -26 Mrs. Maisel Costume Exhibit & Midge’s Marvelous Night

LA LIFE: P-22 Fest, Midge Soiree, Historic Stroll, Street Fair, Garden Tea

It’s your last chance, Tomatoes, to see FIDM’s 13th “Art of Television Costume Design Exhibit” which includes the amazing costumes designed by Donna Zakowska from the awarding winning “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” because the exhibit is closing on Oct 26th. On Oct 23rd, The FIDM Museum Shop, right next door, will be hosting “Midge’s Marvelous Night,” a one night only retro evening of beauty and more with Midge’s original costumes on display.  Sounds so delightful and fun Tomatoes.  Listen in below to our Happy Hour Podcast interciew with Donna Zakowska, the Emmy winning costume designer for the show.

“Bésame Cosmetics”, a vintage makeup brand, will give demonstrations of 1950’s makeup styles and will do makeovers during this event so you too…“can get the look”. Since the FIDM Museum will be open late for this event you can view where “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” costumes, by Costume Designer Donna Zabowska, along with costumes from “Games of Thrones” (Oh my! Be still my heart!), “Good Omens”, “The Masked Singer” and “Black-ish” to name just a few.  Tomatoes can also indulge in 1950’s hors d’oeuvres & champagne at this special “visit to the 50’s” event. 

The FIDM Museum presents the “Art of Television Costume Design Exhibition” yearly. This year’s exhibition features a diverse assortment of shows across several genres–science fiction fantasies, contemporary comedies, and historical dramas and as always will include Emmy Award-nominated programs from the 2018-2019 television season. Each year FIDM celebrates the artistry of costume designers and their teams.  Costume Design and Fashion Design are very important and creative art forms Tomatoes and I’m a big fan of their museum. You should check it out.

Oct 19. Culver City at a Crossroads Walking Tour

LA LIFE: P-22 Fest, Midge Soiree, Historic Stroll, Street Fair, Garden Tea

Tomatoes can explore the heart of Culver City and its history at their own pace on this LA Conservancy “Culver City at a Crossroads Walking Tour.” This special event includes 20+ historic sites, an exclusive mini tour of Helms Bakery District, and access to the Robert Frost Auditorium at Culver City High School. This tour is jam packed with super-duper landmarks, buildings and sites to see Tomatoes.

And docents will be on hand along the way of your leisurely stroll to provide historical info Ladies.  There will be guided tours of Culver Studios, where you can see the iconic museum and the construction of Amazon Studios new sound stages. And Tomatoes can enjoy a presentation of “Screenland to Streamland” and “Art Tells the Story”. There are also public tours of Wende Museum Exhibition “Watching Socialism: The Television Revolution in Eastern Europe”.  And let’s not forget Culver City is filled to the brim with wonderful restaurants and your admission to the Walking Tour will include, not only 2 presentations, but discounts at local restaurants.  Now that is quite a tour Ladies!

Oct 20. Sherman Oaks Street Fair

LA LIFE: P-22 Fest, Midge Soiree, Historic Stroll, Street Fair, Garden Tea

The Annual “Sherman Oaks Street Fair” is a very big deal, Tomatoes, because it is the largest single day event in the SFV and it’s FREE. Kudos to Sherman Oaks. This is a “one stop shop” so to speak, Ladies, with 200 + vendors, Cocktail Lounge with 6 of Ventura Blvd’s greatest bars featured, Pet expo, Ferris Wheel from LADWP, musical acts on the concert stage& community stage , food trucks and a carnival zone to boot.  No topping that Tomatoes!

Not much more I can say, except it is 9 blocks of So Cal heritage, culture, and fun activities for all ages . Their new pop culture zone, SOPOPCON, will celebrate the social influence of comics and everything pop culture. Andy Vargas is the main stage headliner along with the Souleros. And on the community stage the local schools will be performing. The Sherman Oaks Chamber Street Fair started in 1991as a simple arts and craft show and is now celebrating its 29th anniversary.  And it’s free! Music to my ears.

Oct 20. A Celebration of Tea

LA LIFE: P-22 Fest, Midge Soiree, Historic Stroll, Street Fair, Garden Tea

Considered a hidden gem and a 6 ½ acre garden oasis in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, the “SuihoEn Japanese Garden” (garden of water and fragrance) is ranked #10 out of the 300 Japanese gardens in North America.  It all belongs to the City of LA and its peeps, (you and me) Tomatoes. And this Sunday you can enjoy “A Celebration of Tea” in this stunning location for $5. Bet that got your attention.

Actually, Tomatoes, it’s a day of celebrating the Way of Tea (chadō 茶道), which is a Japanese Tea Ceremony called “Misono-dana,” a Japanese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha green tea in a table-style setting. Aren’t I just filled with little bits of info? The Urasenke School of Chado will be giving the tea demonstrations at 11:30am and 2:00pm. It’s free with the cost of admission which is only $5 or 3 bucks with seniors and children under 12.  Ain’t that something, Tomatoes?  And no reservations are required but you must get there by 3pm as they close at 4. Hop to it, Gals.


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