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LA’s been so hot my lipstick liquified. How hot has it been for you, Tomatoes? Let’s hope September brings cooler temps. There’s a musical pet adoption event that is an LA first and “Music x Flowers” will tickle you pink. A plethora of style tips await you in LA Style Stories.  Lady Penelope brings us a new and oh so clever sonnet. Pepperdine University honors the victims of 9/11 in its own stunning way. The world premiere of “Babe” empowers women. The Aloud series and the “Moompetam American Indian Festival” are returning.

Sept 10 & 11. The Great Homecoming

The Montalban Theatre is presenting “The Great Homecoming,” LA’s First Musical Pet Adoption. Woof! Woof! What a marvelous way to help doggies in need of a home and help alleviate the overcrowding in local animal rescues. There will be adoptions during the day and entertainment in the evening with the award-winning new musical “Pup! A Chew Story”.  Now that is truly unique, Tomatoes.

“Pup! A Chew Story” speaks to the power of friendship between a tripawd pit bull and his chew toy, as they search for their own forever home in Hollywood. It will be presented as a concert reading performance with a six-piece band that includes several local high schoolers who are receiving a firsthand education in how to develop a new musical. Gotta love it!

Sept 10. Music x Flowers

Music x Flowers” is a celebration and amplification of African American voices in floriculture through workshops, music, fashion and more. This out of the ordinary fun event truly merges Southern California music, fashion and floriculture in a way that’s never been done before. It is a Garden first, so you won’t want to miss it, Tomatoes!

All are welcome to enjoy the activities, which includes two Wellness x Flowers featuring gentle yoga, guided meditations and floral arranging. Throughout the day, there will also be local artists working on five major floriculture installations inspired by LA music and culture that visitors can watch being created in real-time. “Music x Flowers” is really about the uplift of women using flowers to feel economic independence, to feel wealth, to be able to have a job to take care of their children, even bring their children to work, so it’s really just centered in women’s empowerment and celebrating the uplift of beauty, flowers, blooms, color,” says Abra Lee.

Sonnets from Suburbia

A beautiful and refreshing beach is not just about the sand and the waves, Tomatoes. This week Lady Penelope muses about nature’s messages via the beach. GET THE DETAILS.

LA Style Stories

It may not feel like fall here, Tomatoes, but it is still time to think about fall fashion and the balance between the heat and the season.  Our LA Fashion Stylist hits the mark with her fab tips and advice in “Sparkle and Fringe” and “Ode to the Leather Jacket.” All of which I love. And by the way, don’t forget to follow Felicia on Instagram because I only highlight a snippet of her amazing and inspirational posts here. GET THE DETAILS.

 September Wave of Flags

Pepperdine University’s stunning memorial, “Wave of Flags” honors the victims of the 9/11 attack again this year Tomatoes. Having seen it, I can tell you ladies that there is truly no way to adequately describe it’s powerful, breath taking and heartbreaking beauty.  You must see it for yourself. Bravo Pepperdine!

The “Waves of Flags” installation features a display of a total of 2,977 full-size flags—2,887 American flags for each American life lost and 90 various international flags representing the home countries of those from abroad who died in the attacks. In addition to the Waves of Flags installation, the University is the permanent home of Heroes Garden, a public space, open all year round, for visitors to reflect and honor all those who live heroic lives. Do yourself a favor gals and head to Pepperdine for this amazing sight.

Sept 17- Oct 24. Babe


The Echo Theatre Company presents “Babe,” a dark comedy by Jessica Goldberg, about cultural evolution and the selves we thought we knew. “This play is about a new generation of women who are re-framing what used to be accepted social constructs,” says Goldberg. “I’m from the generation that was complicit, who went along and laughed at the joke. I’ve spent a lot of time in my life being called ‘Babe.’” Sound familiar, Tomatoes?

The lead character in” Babe”, Abby, has been discovering new talent since the ’90s, when she became the right hand to A&R (“Artists & Repertoire”) legend Gus. Together, they signed big bands, loved, fought and lived hard. It was the best kind of work marriage—at least that’s how Abby sees it. That is until Gen Z Kaitlin shows up, hell bent on showing these old rockers it’s 2022, and there’s a new generation hell-bent on changing the world. Evolve or die. Who goes down? See the play and you’ll find out, Gals.

Starts Sept 15. Aloud


Yep! The 2022 fall season of the “Aloud” series is back with incredible speakers such as Booker Prize winning author George Saunders, bestselling artist and author Patti Smith and President Obama’s chief speechwriter Cody Keenan. It promises to be a powerful and enlightening season. And let’s not forget the Library Foundation’ major exhibit “Something in Common” is still on view, Tomatoes.

In the coming year, ALOUD will examine: Taking on the conventions of Broadway and celebrating diverse audiences and voices and grappling with the complexities of our increasingly troubled world.  Patti Smith will lead the audience through her journey of documenting her life, Cody Keenan shares behind-the -scenes moments from the White House and first-time novelists will discuss all of the inspiration, excitement, and challenges that come along with putting out a debut novel. Looks to be another great year for ALOUD.

And “Something in Common” is an examination and celebration of the ideas, interests and beliefs that bring us together and what we can create or accomplish collectively that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Through the stories of fascinating and sometimes surprising social clubs and unique organizations, this exhibition highlights the importance of finding common ground and points of connection. It recognizes the role of the public library as a critical gathering place, not only serving communities, but also creating community. Definitely a worthy exhibit to visit before November 6th.

September 17 & 18. Moompetam American Indian Festival

In celebration of the local American Indian cultures, the Aquarium of the Pacific will host its 18th annual “Moompetam Festival.” It is always a good time to visit the Aquarium, Tomatoes, but next weekend your general admission ticket will include this special festival. Hint, hint.

“The Moompetam American Indian Festival” will feature traditional cultural crafts, storytelling, educational programs, live demonstrations, music, and dance celebrating the indigenous California maritime cultures, including Tongva, Chumash, Acjachemen, Costanoan, Luiseno, and Kumeyaay.  If you are not a member, get your tickets now because capacity is limited, Gals.



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