LA LIFE: Mulch, Dessert Fest, China Town, First Tuesdays  

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Helloooo Ladies! There’s a lot of poetry about LA but this poem written in 2016 by LA’s 2nd and current poet laureate, Luis J. Rodriguez, struck my fancy and I thought I’d share a piece of it. I have great news for all you gardeners out there.  Two Words…FREE Mulch! Read on for the surprise.  Guess what this Tuesday is…Marcy Cole’s “First Tuesday” night and this one is co-ed gals. “China Town after Dark First Thursdays” is another first. Holy Cannoli, it’s time for Time Out’s “Dessert Fest” and I’m weak in the knees tomatoes.

 Free Mulch

 DELIVERY!!!!  Hallelujah! LA Sanitation is at it again with its new option of free mulch delivery.  No picking up a heavy bag of mulch at the garden store and paying the price financially and physically. They will bring it directly to you so it can be spread on your trees, plants and yard.  Do I hear a hip hip hurray?!

The drought may be under control for now but it is always best to be water wise and mulching is a proficient way of accomplishing that. Mulch is a gift to our trees and gardens besides making them very happy. You know what that means?! Happy trees and gardens stay healthy and grow.  So, get it while it is free and delivered.  Just my little tidbit for the week gals

April 30. Dessert Fest

In the mood for a tasting?  Well what about a dessert tasting as a change of pace.  My sweet tooth is certainly excited for a sugar fix with something outstandingly yummy.  Everything served up will be from the best of the best in LA tomatoes.

 Magnolia Bakery, Ococoa Chocolates, Lady M Cake Boutique, The Walrus and the Hedgehog are just a few of the restaurants that will be on hand celebrating LA’s favorite desserts.  Just those names tickle me tomatoes. And the wonderful local non-profit Coach Art will be discussing volunteer opportunities.  Goodness and sweetness will be abundant.

 May 2. First Tuesdays

 The author of “For the Love of Money”, Sam Polk, will be the speaker for the evening.  Integrating career ambition and heart to amplify financial flow, while creating a better world is the topic of conversation and we all can use more financial flow and a better world tomatoes.

Besides being the author of “For the Love Money”, Sam Polk who was a senior trader for one of the biggest hedge funds on Wall Street, talks about his obsessive pursuit of money  and viewing wealth as the sole measure of a person’s wealth.  Well he’s come a long way gals because he is now the Co-Founder & CEO of “Everytable”, with a mission to make good food available to everyone as well as being the Founder and Executive Director of “GroceryShips”, with a mission to improve long-term health and wellness in low-income communities. He has quite a story to tell. As always there will be the “Meet, Greet, Network and Nibble Time”. And lots of schmoozing with terrific and accomplished attendees and sweets. Not to mention all the info presented.  My kind of night gals.

May 5. Chinatown First Thursdays

Good things happen in “Chinatown after Dark” every Thursday at the Far East Plaza and there’s one coming up this Thursday tomatoes. It is the perfect time to enjoy and explore this special neighborhood filled to the brim with culture and history. And on Thursday nights there’s a plethora of fantastic food and live music under our beautiful LA skies.

The monthly event features an opportunity for innovative chefs to test out new menu items and pop-up concepts. Chinatown’s regulars promote specials and other incentives. Chinatown is always changing so you can also see what’s new in the neighborhood gals!


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