LA LIFE: MOMentum, Dusk Dancing, Mother’s Soiree, Sacred Space

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LA LIFE: MOMentum, Dusk Dancing, Mother’s Soiree, Sacred Space

Sunday is a Mother of a day, Mother’s Day that is. “MOMentum” is a virtual Mother’s Day spectacular like no other from the Theatricum Botanicum.  In-person dancing is back too with The Music Center’s “Dance at Dusk” series. Moms can celebrate with a cocktail at the “Mother’s Day Soiree.” Or perhaps take a stroll along the beach to view the ocean and the stunning “Sacred Spaces” Mural. If you are a nurturing and a supportive Tomato to your human and animal friends then, in my book, you deserve a very “Happy Mother’s Day”!

May 9. MOMentum Place Mother’s Day Special

Join the Theatricum Botanicum on Mother’s Day for a very special Zoom performance.  LA Aerial & Acrobat performer, Lexi Pearl, hosts an afternoon of astounding aerial performances. And, in celebration of moms everywhere, Moms get a well-deserved 40% off, Tomatoes!

I have no doubt it will be a supremely entertaining show with Dream World Cirque performing.  They bring a sense of wonder, intimacy, beauty, and awe-inspiring experiences to their audiences with LA performers from the highest caliber backgrounds. The acrobatic & aerial feats will amaze beyond your wildest dreams.  Fun for the whole family on Mother’s Day, Tomatoes.

Starting May 26. Dance at Dusk

LA LIFE: MOMentum, Dusk Dancing, Mother’s Soiree, Sacred Space

The Music Center’s 18th season of the “Glorya Kaufmam Presents Dance at Dusk” offers the very best of American dance. Tickets are selling out fast so hurry and purchase yours. How glorious to enjoy live, in person and safe dance performances under the stars in DTLA, Tomatoes.

Featuring world-class dance companies, the new outdoor series includes both traditional and modern dance engagements for limited audiences to enjoy on the Jerry Moss Plaza. Included in the lineup are the American Ballet Theatre Company, The Super Villainz Tap Dancing for the Modern Age, the Paul Taylor Dance Company and Alonzo King LINES Ballet.  Hop to those reservations, Tomatoes!

May 7-9. May Mother’s Day Soiree

The South Coast Botanic Garden is not only offering extended hours through May & June but are also giving us a wonderful way to mark and celebrate Mothers with the “Mother’s Day Soiree.” Ooh La La, Tomatoes!

The Bar Society, Inc. will be selling craft cocktails and mocktails at two beautifully designed bars, one in front of the Bohannon Rose Garden and the other in the Desert Garden. Moms deserve to be spoiled with a unique drink to imbibe in a beautiful nature garden with their loved ones. Ain’t that right, Tomatoes?! Head to the garden and indulge!

Through Summer 2021. Sacred Spaces

LA LIFE: MOMentum, Dusk Dancing, Mother’s Soiree, Sacred Space

The jaw-dropping Mural is finally up along the Annenberg Beach House Walkway! What a feat! 26 painted panels, yes, I said 26, using ordinary outdoor house paint, makes up the “Sacred Spaces” Mural. This blissful masterpiece offers chance and free art encounters, Tomatoes. Incredible!

Yvette Gellis is the brilliant and highly esteemed artist who painted this extraordinary work of art along the ocean facing walkway.  The mural is an “Out of the Blue” Annenberg Beach House Commission and what a glorious way to celebrate art for the masses after a historic year hardship and shutdowns.  Sacred Spaces is an abstract landscape that depicts a full day view of the mountains and sea from dawn to dusk, reflecting the landscape the passerby is standing in.  

In Yvette’s words, “In a year of intense negativity. The loss of my mother, a world pandemic, and all the geo-political events, I have chosen to focus on the positive, the beautiful, the harmonious aspects of nature where we all can agree and find love for one another and all of creation – especially our beautiful immediate environment as an immersive experience.” How perfect and inspiring, Tomatoes.



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